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Church Loan Requirements | Close Church Purchase Loan Smartly

Churches are purchasing new sanctuaries all across America. Griffin Capital Funding understands the church loan requirements to help churches close their church purchase loans. Churches are purchasing new sanctuaries all across America.We are seeing them buy sanctuaries that other churches are selling. They are buying empty retail spaces. They are buying and renovating old county … Read More

Church Loans for Small Churches

Small churches are the backbone of every town across the United States of America. They support their communities and give a place to worship to everyone. That said it is often the hardest for these churches to acquire funding to meet their needs. They often give up and never get the funds that they require … Read More

The Fall Season Brings Church Loan Decisions to Mind

Fall is time to start planning church loan financing for next year. Griffin Capital Funding makes the process of getting church loans easy. The lazy days of summer are ending. There are school buses on the road and the nights are a little bit cooler. Soon fall will be in full swing and churches will … Read More

Churches are the Foundation in Our Society

In an ever-changing society, churches have become more important than ever. We need to help every church that we can to refinance, purchase, renovate, and build. Church purchase loans, especially play a vital role. We live in an ever-changing society, and it seems to be evolving faster and faster every day. Over the weekend, I … Read More

Church Refinance Brings Us a New Church Loan Specialist

Griffin Capital refinances a church loan and gains a new Church Loan Specialist in the process This closing story is about a church and Pastor in Cincinnati, OH. The 88-year-old church came to us for a refinance and renovation loan. The church wanted to refinance and consolidate additional loans that it had. They also wanted … Read More

Church Equipment Leasing Program

Church Equipment Leasing Program. Major purchases for churches can be difficult to finance. Griffin Capital Funding has developed a church equipment leasing program to make the purchase process easy. New Church Leasing Program | How does It Work? Does your church need new pews or audio/visual equipment, bus, van or a car for the pastor? … Read More

Griffin Helps Epicenter Church Buy $5M Sanctuary for $150,000

Griffin Capital Funding recently helped aEpicenter Church in Jackson, MS buy a building worth $5mm for $150,000 in less than 2 weeks. When opportunity knocks, Griffin Capital Funding can help churches make ownership dreams a reality. Church Purchase | Epicenter Church in Jackson, MS Recently, Griffin Capital Funding helped Epicenter Church in Jackson, MS with … Read More

Church Qualifies for 25 Year Fixed Rate Loan | Griffin’s Success

Church qualifies for 25 year fixed rate loan after finances were carefully analyzed by Griffin Capital Funding. Whether church mortgage or church purchase, Griffin Capital Funding always finds the best financing options for its clients. Griffin Capital Funding closed a loan for a church in Denver, Colorado that was ready to purchase a sanctuary and … Read More

Church Lowers Interest Rate from 7.25% to 4.44%

Are you looking for a reduced interest rate or a better interest rate for your church? Griffin Capital Funding can help you! Now is the time for churches locked into high-interest rates to refinance their loans. Interest rates are climbing again, so refinance while you can save thousands for your church. Imagine that your church, … Read More

Lenders Refusing to Renew Loans | Griffin Capital’s Success

Lenders Refusing to Renew Loans Churches whose ‘lenders refusing to renew loans’ are coming to Griffin Capital Funding. We provide a loan and put the church in a better financial position in the process. Many churches are finding themselves in a similar but unsettling situation. ┬áTheir current lender will not renew their mortgage. They are … Read More

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