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Arturo Otero

Arturo Otero has called Kissimmee his home for the past seventeen years. Kissimmee has given him the opportunity to raise his family, educate his children in the public school system, and build a successful career in both the private and public sectors.

Arturo Otero

Arturo Otero

Born in September 1962 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Art Otero, and his two brothers were raised by their mother, Maria. At the age of 14, they moved to Pisa, Italy to live with his grandparents. Arturo Otero graduated from high school and then attended a technical college in Italy. He returned to Puerto Rico at the age of eighteen where he found his faith and accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

He then had the honor to serve as a missionary for two years on the Christian ship, “Doulos”, which means servant. After completing his service on the ship, he returned to Puerto Rico and enlisted in the United States Army.  He went on to serve for a total of twelve years, both active and reserve duty. In less than two years of service, Arturo Otero was promoted to Sergeant. During his service, he received multiple medals and awards of recognition.  He served from 1986 to 1987 at Camp Humphrey, Korea with “TAR Platoon”, (Tactical Aerial Refueling Platoon). While there, they conducted many missions and participated in a special training mission on Cheju Island, Korea.The training consisted of learning Australian and Swiss repelling which included methods of rescue operations for prisoners of war(POW’s).

Art learned the importance of faith and hard work at a very early age. At ten years old he asked his mother to purchase a shoe shine kit for him so he could clean people’s shoes after school. Along the streets of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, he would shout in Spanish,“shoe shine, llevobrillo”. His mother did not know the real purpose of why he wanted it but it was to save money so he could buy her a present for Mother’s Day. At the age of twelve, he purchased his first bicycle with the money he made from his newspaper route. Early in life, he learned that in life you need to work hard to achieve success.

Arturo Otero is a proactive Kissimmee resident and has participated in numerous community boards. In 2006, heco-founded NAHREP, (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) in Kissimmee where he served as president and as a member of the national board of directors. He has also served on the following boards: Florida Housing Commission, presidentandOsceola Fire & Rescue Board, Kissimmee Housing Advisory, Osceola Council on Aging, Osceola Housing Authority, LakesideEstates board of directopresident and was the president of the LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) chapter. In 2006 he made a presentation to the Osceola County School Board to show the need for school uniforms.  A year later, the Board passed the resolution requiring school uniforms for all students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

In 2008, works diligently he ran and won his first term as a City of Kissimmee Commissioner.  After two years of service, he made history by being selected by his fellow commissioners to serve as the first Latino Vice-Mayor in Kissimmee.

In 2014, he was once again elected as a City of Kissimmee Commissioner. He currently sits on the Osceola/Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce board, as well as the Osceola County Expressway Authority where he was appointed by the Governor.

Art Otero is dedicated to his works diligently to make it a better place for all residents. The people of Kissimmee deserve a place where they can live, work, and raise a family and thatis his commitment to them.


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