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Dr. Calvin Louis Kelly, Sr.

Dr. Calvin L. Kelly Sr, a man of integrity, a man of wisdom, a man of honesty, and a man committed to you, has been in the financial/real estate mortgage industry for over 25 years.  Dr. Calvin retired from the ministry after 42 years of service on the battlefield. Twenty-four of those years consisted of him being a Senior Pastor, a Missionary traveling the continent preaching and teaching the word, a Radio talk show host “Readings in Theology”, and Professor and Dean at SMBC Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado with a PHD in Theology, Divinity, and Biblical Education.

Calvin Louis Kelly

Dr. Calvin Louis Kelly, Sr.

He also served his country in the United States Navy Veteran who is very active in his community.  He founded the “Riding Knights” Chess club at the American Legion, where he teaches Chess to youth and adults. He also serves as the Service Officer for American Legion Post 148.  Additionally, he teaches a curriculum of Chess at the McMillan Center, an afternoon program for youth in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Dr. Kelly served as the Veteran’s Affairs and Armed Service Chair in the NAACP for 2 years and was recently selected to serve as an Executive Board Member At Large.

With over 25 years of experience in Real Estate Financing as a Realtor, Mortgage Lending/Broker, and Mortgage Business owner specializing in residential loans, business loans and commercial loans, he is ready to be of service and assistance in furthering the aspirations of your congregation and your Church needs.

Dr. Calvin Louis Kelly, Sr.
Church Loan Specialist
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Fort Wayne, IN
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