Carthel J. Towns, Sr

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Carthel J. Towns, Sr


Regardless of our formal training or work experience, as Pastors we are expected to be a “Jack of all trades”, trying to do everything requested of us regardless of our ability or skill set (the confessions of a Pastor….LOL). Unfortunately, because we are committed to the “calling” on our lives, we are committed to our members, and we passionately reach out to the communities we serve we have a tendency to sometimes fall short of those expectations. However, that is NOT God’s plan for the Pastors who labor among us. In his word, God encourages a multitude of wise counselors and in Exodus Jethro actually rebuked Moses for doing too much. The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, has equipped the body of Christ (the Church) with everything needed to perfect His word and will. As Pastors, although we are expected to know it all, that is not scripture and it is not God’s will for His Church. Allow those the Lord has placed in your life, THAT YOU HAVE PRAYED AND FASTED FOR to help you manifest the vision God deposited in your spirit. If you have been praying for a way out of a financial matter within your church, then God is faithful to answer that prayer. Why would He give you a vision without “provisons” (or ‘provided vision’ as I call it)? If the Lord has given you a vision, he will open up the windows of heaven, answer your prayer, and provide for His vision. Take Him at His word…prove him!!!


Often times God answers prayer in some rather interesting ways. Our job, as Pastors, is to discern when God has actually answered our prayers (even when the “packaging” is not what we expect). An answer to prayer is an “answer to prayer” because it’s God responding to our supplications. Moreover, if He has answered your prayer then it MUST be his will as answered prayer is ALWAYS God’s will. Griffin Church Loans is a uniquely called, appointed, anointed, qualified, and committed answer to prayer. God has blessed Griffin to have already funded over $1 BILLION in church loans. In addition, church loans is all we do! I know we may not be the bank-next-door or your latest brick-n-mortar lender, but we are (with God’s help and a whole lot of prayer) taking church funding to a whole new level as we believe God intended. Plus, we are actually helping visions manifest…now, that’s exciting!!!


I got wind of Griffin over 10 years ago while working on my MBA.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of irons in the fire and was unable to come aboard. But, I NEVER got the company out of my spirit. Well, fast forward to 2015 – I’m all done with my MBA, working on a PhD, serving as Executive Pastor, and all of my businesses are doing extremely well. Everything was wonderful, but there was still a void (a kind of yearning that nothing “physical” could quench). The Lord has placed it on my heart to help Pastors build their churches. Actually, this is what I heard the Lord say (in my own head of course), “I want you to help My Pastors build My church” and that was it! Just like that! Well, God has a tendency to tell me “what” He wants me to do, but often times leaves out the “how”…have you ever experienced that? So, what did I do? I started praying and it wasn’t long before God reminded me of Griffin that I had looked at over ten years ago. So, I contacted the company and HERE I AM!!!


Griffin and I are a perfect fit. I’ve been in business since 1986 and I have pretty much seen just about every business and business model there is to be seen. But, what I have never seen was a healthy marriage of God and church lending on the level that Griffin does it. Not only are we passionate about what we’re doing, we are doing it as unto the Lord. It’s a ministry for us and in the end God gets the glory and the mission of His church is strengthened. Furthermore, there is an extensive list of just regular folks that LOVE THE LORD who want to help pastors and churches fund their financial visions. We are not hung-up on denominations, titles, degrees, or classifications. We just want to do the will of God.


  • BS (1992): California State University, Northridge (Finance, Real Estate)
  • MBA (2009): California Lutheran University (Financial Planning)
  • PhD : Northcentral University (Organizational Leadership)
  • Executive Pastor (2012 – 2016): Valencia Christian Center (Valencia, CA)
  • Founder/Executive Director: The Financial Empowerment Center (501C-3)
  • Professional Church Consultant and Pastoral Advisor
  • Also, extensive experience as a Realtor, Mortgage Lender, Financial Planner, Financial Analyst, and Real Estate Analyst over the past 30 years.
  • Avid sports fan (Lakers, Cowboys, UCLA, Dodgers) and amateur cyclist
  • Launched and lead many men’s’ ministries, groups, and activities.


Carthel J Towns, Sr.
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