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Rev. Dr. George Burks

Rev. Dr. George Burks lives in Schertz, TX, just outside the city limits of San Antonio, Texas.  His education and background is:

  • BA in Administrative Management from Windsor University, Los Angeles, CA, 1975
  • BA in Theology from Guadalupe Baptist Theology Seminary, San Antonio, TX, 2016.
  • Masters and Doctorate degrees.
George Burks

Rev. Dr. George Burks

The reason Dr. George Le Nard Burks is a part of Griffin Church Loans is because he has been in Ministry since 1979.  He is currently Pastor of New Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church and working with Griffin Church Loans affords him the opportunity to reach out into the community to assist pastors and churches to fulfill their calling in the ministry.  Many pastors and churches are not familiar with or exposed to the resources that Griffin Church Loans has to offer. Dr. George Burks gets great joy in introducing Griffin to many churches located throughout the United States.

The various positions Dr. George Burks has held in the secular world consist of:

  • United States Army, 5 years, payroll supervisor
  • Kelly Airforce Base, accounting clerk
  • Veterans Administration, payroll clerk
  • Defense Contract Administration, payroll clerk
  • Ft. MacArthur, CA, accounting technician
  • Social Security Administration, claims technician
  • Texas Department of Public Welfare, social worker
  • Southern Pacific Railroad, heavy equipment operator
  • Texas Employment Commission, Veterans representative supervisor
  • Central Parking System, area manager

The church that he Pastors is in Universal City, Texas and he has been Pastor since 1985.

Dr. George Burks is married and has five children and eleven grandchildren and eight great-grand children.  Just as a note, while living in Los Angeles, the acting bug hit him and was cast in two movies which he said probably never made it out of the cutting room. The actor who starred in the Andy Griffith Show, whose name was Otis, belonged to the same advertising company.  Dr. Burks gets excited when he speaks with various people, and when he sees their faces light up, he tells them their dream can become a reality.  All you have to do is fill out the application, provide the required documents and wait for the phone to ring.

Dr. Burks’ hobbies:

He loves football and basketball, especially on the professional level.  Of course, he has to support his San Antonio Spurs and his favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks.  He enjoys fishing and nice country drives.  He also enjoys viewing new homes whether on the computer or visiting open houses that are for sale.

Getting back to helping churches, states Dr. Burks, it is a fact that the church is an integral part of the community and banks are making it very hard for churches to acquire loans.  He said he has the opportunity to get out and spread the word about Griffin’s programs and how so many churches have been helped in the past by just a simple phone call, word of mouth, a flyer or visiting a local church during one of their services.

Rev. Dr. George Burks
Schertz, TX
Phone: 210.410.2965

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