James R Jones | Church Loan Specialist with Griffin

James R Jones, Jr.

Hello, my name is James R Jones, Jr., a Church Loan Specialist for Griffin Capital Funding, and a current resident of Petersburg, VA.

James R Jones

James R. Jones

Griffin Capital Funding provides church financing for the purchase, renovation, construction and refinance of most church property types including but not limited to sanctuaries, parsonages, fellowship halls, and gymnasiums.  We will analyze your church financing request free of charge and will do our best to have a quote to you within 48-hrs. Of note is the fact that we have recently begun to be able to cater to some of the financing needs of small business owners both within, and outside of your current congregation.  Ask me how!

My affiliation with Griffin Capital Funding came about as a request and promise made to God at a rather inauspicious time in my personal life.  It was during a time when I was still in the rather sensitive stages of recovery from receiving a kidney transplant in 2017.  While appearing able-bodied, and able to function as a normal individual, I was still susceptible to setbacks and inconsistent health, which would often come about at some of the most inopportune times.  This inconsistency also impacted my ability to commit wholeheartedly to both personal, and professional pursuits.

It was during this time of uncertainty, and physical vulnerability that I realized my personal faith, though proclaimed privately, fell woefully short of what the Lord expects and required of me.  It was then that I made the specific request (referenced earlier) for a way back into the workforce where my accumulated skillset could be best used to further God’s work, and His mission.

Currently licensed as a Realtor for ten plus years, three and half years as a former Mortgage Lender, and with additional experience as a Manager of various Home Owner Association Boards has made my affiliation with Griffin Capital Funding an ideal fit.  However, make no mistake that this partnership was not by accident, but I firmly believe it was an answer to a direct request.  Should we get the chance to discuss your church’s financial needs, and desires do not hesitate to ask me about a testimony that I would love to share.  Yes, there’s more!

James R Jones, Jr.
Church Loan Specialist
Petersburg,  VA
Phone: 240-418-7422

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