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Pastor David Shipman

Pastor David Shipman

Pastor David Shipman

I am Pastor David Shipman and helping churches and Pastors is my passion. With over ten years in lending and over 15 years in full time ministry, I have been able to help many Pastors navigate the business side of ministry as well as the spiritual. It is a true joy to help others achieve their goals.

I have held many positions within the church structure. I have pastored full time since 1997 and continue to do so today. Besides, I have sat on the board of church, fellowships and Christian organizations during my time in full time ministry. I have a unique understanding of both the business and ministry side of the church.

I graduated from college in Fresno, CA with a degree in business management. And, I am also a graduate of SMTI (Supernatural Ministry Training Institute) and have also graduated from various courses in counseling through AAC (American Association of Christian Counselors).

In addition to my ministry work, I have worked in various aspects of lending. I have processed loans, in underwriting positions, and managed various offices that ranged from 3.5 million to 3.3 million in outstanding portfolios.

If you are looking for a church loan, you have come to the right company. We provide over $100,000,000 a year in church financing for projects. We offer a number of different church financing products to meet your needs. If your church is looking for a loan to refinance, purchase or construct a church building, we want to help you achieve your goals.

Pastor David Shipman
Visalia, CA
Phone: 559-300-4626


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