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Tom Green

Tom Green is a former Elder at the Mandarin Church of Christ in Jacksonville, FL. He is also a former offensive lineman who played in the NFL. After his playing career, Tom Green worked and became an executive and has over 38 years of experience working for Fortune 100 commercial finance companies. He has also run his own consulting firm since 2008, helping his clients through some challenging and tough economic times.


He has been a volunteer high school football coach for twenty-nine years. His current passion is mentoring high school athletes; helping them and their parents navigate the collegiate recruiting process.

Mr. Green holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Tulsa. Tom earned an MBA in Finance from the University of California in Berkeley, California. He also has a Master’s Certificate in Human Resources from Stanford University. In 1996, he earned a Certified Cash Management Degree from the University of Chicago

He recently associated himself with Griffin Church Loans because of his desire to aid churches with capital improvement programs. He wants to help them to obtain the best rates when refinancing is a viable option.

Tom Green understands the “team” concept very well. He believes in teaming together with his clients to get the best results. Using his intuitive and creative thinking skills, he works to find solutions that add value.  His desire is to come up with the right loan package that makes a difference; particularly in this challenging economic environment.

He is married to Kae. They lived in Elkton, FL, which is in NE, FL. They have three children: Kim, Tim, and Matthew. They also have five grandchildren: Edgar, Lindsay, Tammy, Eric, and Samantha.

Tom Green
Church Loan Specialist
Elkton, FL
Phone: 904-825-1563

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