California – Griffin Church Loans

state: California

Abner Figuereo

Greetings, my name is Abner Figuereo, and I joined the Griffin Church Loan Specialist program in June 2018.  I live in Santa Clarita, CA which is a suburb of Los Angeles County. Throughout my life, I have always been associated with churches.  Therefore, when I heard about this opportunity to help churches in need of … Read More

Pastor Abraham Prattella

Abraham Prattella has lived in Claremont for over 25 years and is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona University, where he majored in Business with an emphasis in finance, real estate and law. Abraham is a long-time CEO and successful real estate professional, with particular experience in fixing and growing businesses. In 2008, he started … Read More

Carthel J. Towns, Sr

A PASTOR’S PRAYER: Regardless of our formal training or work experience, as Pastors we are expected to be a “Jack of all trades”, trying to do everything requested of us regardless of our ability or skill set (the confessions of a Pastor….LOL). Unfortunately, because we are committed to the “calling” on our lives, we are … Read More

Pastor David Shipman

I am Pastor David Shipman and helping churches and Pastors is my passion. With over ten years in lending and over 15 years in full time ministry, I have been able to help many Pastors navigate the business side of ministry as well as the spiritual. It is a true joy to help others achieve … Read More

Pastor James L. Brannon

After graduating from Montclair High School in Southern California I, Pastor James L Brannon, attended Christian Life College from 1971-1975 where received a BA degree in Bible and Theology. Three months after graduation I married the love of my life Janet (Renison) Brannon.  We embarked on establishing our lives together and began in ministry.  Over … Read More