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Pastor Abraham Prattella

Abraham Prattella has lived in Claremont for over 25 years and is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona University, where he majored in Business with an emphasis in finance, real estate and law. Abraham is a long-time CEO and successful real estate professional, with particular experience in fixing and growing businesses. In 2008, he started … Read More

Carthel J. Towns, Sr

A PASTOR’S PRAYER: Regardless of our formal training or work experience, as Pastors we are expected to be a “Jack of all trades”, trying to do everything requested of us regardless of our ability or skill set (the confessions of a Pastor….LOL). Unfortunately, because we are committed to the “calling” on our lives, we are … Read More

Pastor David Shipman

I am Pastor David Shipman and helping churches and Pastors is my passion. With over ten years in lending and over 15 years in full time ministry, I have been able to help many Pastors navigate the business side of ministry as well as the spiritual. It is a true joy to help others achieve … Read More

Pastor James L. Brannon

After graduating from Montclair High School in Southern California I, Pastor James L Brannon, attended Christian Life College from 1971-1975 where received a BA degree in Bible and Theology. Three months after graduation I married the love of my life Janet (Renison) Brannon.  We embarked on establishing our lives together and began in ministry.  Over … Read More

Michael J. Baca

Welcome and God Bless! We are here to help and provide churches the best financing products available for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing, renovating and constructing almost any church property. Our group is dedicated to utilizing our many years of professional commercial lending experience to help churches gain access to reasonable and affordable financing. In … Read More