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Dr. Michael J. Bluitt

Dr. Michael J Bluitt National Field Director Griffin Capital Funding Indianapolis, IN Phone: 317.506.6380

Kenneth Allen

The Indianapolis Recorder: “Arguably one of the Indiana most enterprising young Black professionals” Angela Egner of Michigan Alliance for Youth Business (MAYBE): “Besides all of his accolades he just has impeccable manners” Indiana Minority Business Magazine: “A Champion for Diversity” LTC. (Ret.) Robert Wilhelm Director of Army Instructor for Gary Schools: “He is an excellent … Read More

Bishop Steven L. Thompson, D.D.

Greetings, I’m Bishop Steven L Thompson. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, JoAnn, since December 21, 1988. To our family union was born 4 children, Jesse, Stephen (Steffen), Jasmine & Serena Thompson. I am presently the senior pastor of God’s Grace Community Church in Indianapolis, IN. In January 1993 my wife and I … Read More