Maryland – Griffin Church Loans

state: Maryland

Aaron J. Shingler

Aaron J Shingler is a native of Washington, D.C. and currently resides in Baltimore with his wife Barbara. He is the son of Reverend Arthur N. Shingler, Sr. founder of Enon Baptist Church of Washington D.C. Aaron has over thirty-five years of commercial and investment banking experience, bringing financial resources to churches and businesses on … Read More

Pastor Isaac Oke

We are here to help and provide churches the best financing products available for the purpose of purchasing, refinancing, renovating and constructing almost any church property. Our group is dedicated to utilizing our many years of professional commercial lending experience to help churches gain access to reasonable and affordable financing. In addition, we always strive … Read More

Harry Gough

The reason I want to be involved in helping churches obtain financing is I have experience in the church ministry and in finance and real estate development since 1980. It is a passion of mine. So is Boss the Movement where I am a regional youth minister. I attended the University of the District of … Read More