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Griffin’s Church Loan Programs | Meet Your Needs

Churches are different, and so are our church loan programs.

  • No personal guarantees.*
  • High loan to values, many of our church loan products offer up to 80% of the real estate value. We also have products that allow the church to borrow up to 90% using a first and second trust loan.*
  • No CPA prepared financials.*
  • No Tax returns.*
  • And, no upfront fees.

Furthermore, we will analyze your request in one business day and provide a written offer.

* Subject to underwriting guidelines.

Crafted to Your Needs.

Our church loan programs are designed to meet the needs of your church:

  • Purchase real estate: With loan to values up to 80% and combined loan to values up to 90%, we keep the down payment required to a minimum.
  • Refinance real estate: If you are looking to decrease the interest rate on your current loan or have a balloon note coming due, we can provide a quote in one business day. (Also, see the video on loan refinance /refinance real estate)
  • Renovation of real estate: If your church is looking for a loan to renovate or expand an existing building we can provide the loan.
  • Ground-up construction: Does your church need a loan to construct a new building? We have programs that can provide 100% of the cost of the construction if you already own the property. Besides, if your church does not own property, we can provide up to 80% of the total project cost including the purchase of the land. We can also provide a construction loan that automatically turns into a permanent loan upon completion.

Loan Programs of Griffin Church Loans.

church loan programs

With over 20 different church loan programs available, we can be creative too:

Further, not all programs are available in all areas, not everyone will qualify for a loan. Griffin Church Loans believes in equal opportunity for all.

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