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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions | Griffin Church Loans

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Although we make every effort to help each and every church that comes to us, not every church will qualify for a loan, and we are not able to help every church.  As a general rule of thumb, the stronger the financial profile of a church, the better the interest rates and loan terms it will receive within its market.  Interest rates and loan terms are based on many factors including but not limited to church credit, the length of time church has been in operation, prior payment history, the income of church, the location of property.  We do not offer the same products in all markets, as an example, we do not offer private money loans to churches in rural markets.

We make loans from $150,000 to $30,000,000 and on occasion will make loans for as little as $50,000 when a church is facing a hardship or is in a loan with bad interest rates and loan terms.  For us to make a loan, the church must have real estate to use as collateral for the loan.  The amount the church can borrow is based on many factors, some of which are the value of the real estate, the length of time in operation, the credit of the church, the income of the church, and the debt service coverage.

We do not charge any upfront fees to analyze a church loan request or to issue a loan proposal.  A loan proposal is not a commitment to fund, a commitment to the fund cannot be issued until a loan has been fully underwritten and approved by an underwriter.  The closing of a loan is followed by completion of due diligence items which usually include an appraisal and title work.  The closing will occur at a location that is convenient to the church.

We have loan products that are designed for churches that have all different levels of credit including churches that have excellent credit and those that are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy.  The different products we offer have different underwriting standards and requirements.  As an example, we do not always require that a church provides financial statements for our private money loan products whereas for our traditional loan products we always need financial statements.

By using our site, you agree that we will use the information you provide to us to determine whether we will be able to help your church and that we will share your information with anyone that we need to help us make this decision such as but not limited to underwriters, appraisers, title companies.  If we are unable to help your church at this time you are welcome to come back to us at any time in the future, and we will evaluate the churches situation at that time and determine if we can help.


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