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Griffin Church Loans

Founded in 1999 to provide church loan products to religious institutions across the United States of America.  Griffin Church Loans has grown to become one of the largest and most creative church financing companies in the country.  With over $2 Billion in closed church loans, we have helped churches with loans as small as $50,000 up to our largest loan for one church of $35,000,000.

We offer more than just unrivalled rates and exceptional loans. Education is a key part of our work, helping thousands of churches annually to better understand their financial position through free advice and valuable insight on how church financing works. From loans to refinance, renovate and construct, our specialist teams can offer an indispensable analysis of areas of financial improvement. It is our area of expertise!

So, why us? To put it simply, there is nobody as well-versed in the industry as us. Ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 49th fastest growing financial services firm – despite going head-to-head with financial services of all kinds – it is a record achievement for a niche of our size. Closing in the region of $100,000,000 per year in church loans for the purchase, refinance, renovation, and ground-up construction of church properties, we know exactly what it takes to deliver solutions in record time. With a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic church loan experts, with a united love of breaking records and setting precedents, Griffin leads the industry, and for good reason.

The Griffin Mission.

Seeing our work with churches as a collaboration, with an end goal of being the key to unlock bucket-loads of opportunities for churches across the nation, Griffin Church Loans has an unwavering commitment to providing fantastic church loan and financing products with great rates and terms. Whilst working with churches that are in a financially secure position is an exceptionally rewarding task, we never underestimate the importance of helping churches that are at the opposing end of the economic spectrum. With a private money fund to assist churches that have fallen on tough times, we vow to do our utmost to work together with you on your journey towards financial stability, regardless of your needs.

We value the importance of assisting all churches, from varying denominations to languages, which is why we have representatives that speak English, Korean, and Spanish, allowing us to become accessible to most churches. We take pride in our commitment to the success of each client that approaches us, which has allowed us to work with churches in all corners of the nation.

Our loans range from $75,000 to $35,000,000 and having closed more than 2,000 church loans (with over $2 Billion in total closed loans), we know what it takes to get your church on the right path.

See the activities of Griffin Church Loans in the video:

At Griffin, mediocrity is simply not an option. We strive for excellence, with any less not achieving our coveted stamp of approval. Strides ahead of the rest, it is easy to see why:

How Griffin Stands Apart from the Rest:

  • 24-hour response – We know that the clock is ticking.  From the moment your quick quote application and financial statements land in our inbox, we vow to be in touch within one business day. We know the frustration of difficult-to-reach banks and tiresome waiting times, so we have streamlined the process with our cutting-edge software. Simple, quick, and efficient service when you need it most. And the best part? Our team are experts when it comes to church-specific loans and financing, so you can avoid vague responses from bank generalists and get straight to the vital information, without waiting weeks (or even months!) for underwriting.
  • Free non-obligatory quotes – So, you have submitted your application and are anxiously awaiting a response. What next? Within 24 hours we will review your submission and be in touch with a written proposal. It is a stress-free process, as we outline every aspect of how we can help you completely free of charge, including the interest rates and terms of the loan. It is a win-win!
  • No personal guarantees – We almost never need a personal guarantee on our church loans, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens, your personal credit will remain unaffected. Consider the risk minimized, without having to jump through hoops to prove you are worthy of a loan.
  • Quick closings – One of the reasons we are lauded by the churches we work with; we specialize in providing results quickly. We are big believers in working smart, free from excess paperwork and meaningless formalities; a streamlined process from start to finish. With Griffin, you will never have to chase us for answers or worry about the status of your request – our processes are designed with you in mind, with efficiency and speed, coupled with quality at our core.
  • Stellar service – Service to remember. It is what we strive for, with the feeling of a weight lifted from your shoulders and a revitalized sense of what’s to come one of our main goals. We intend for each church we touch to leave with a skip in their step, whether a loan is provided or not.
  • Varied church loan products – We know the importance our assistance has, so we intend to help as many churches as we possibly can. To be able to help churches across the nation, our products are risk-based, which means the loan amounts depend on the church’s repayment abilities. If your church is in a financially stable positioning, we would be delighted to offer the best products and pricing, whereas churches that could benefit from a lot of assistance will receive higher pricing.

Church Loans Types Griffin Offers:

  • 20 and 25 year fully fixed loans with no balloons – As risk-free as it gets for church loans, this program is fully fixed. Free from unexpected charges and price hikes, the interest rate of the loan stays the same throughout the loan period, without a balloon; one consistent payment until the loan is paid off.  No personal guarantees are usually needed.
  • 5, 7, and 10-year fixed loans with amortizations ranging from 20 to 30 years – These types of loans usually have a lower interest rate and monthly payment and are the most common type of church loan approved.  No personal guarantees are usually needed.

griffin capital funding, great church loan rates

  • Construction loan – It is no secret that the initial construction of a church can be a stressful and expensive endeavour.  Our goal is to make the financing as easy and painless as possible so you can focus on craftsmanship, design, and functionality.  We have one easy closing for both the construction loan and the permanent church mortgage. During the all-important construction phase, the church only pays interest, before going on to pay both principal and interest payments once construction is completed, allowing your church to get on its feet before having to dish out more money. This loan does not usually require personal guarantees.
  • Private Money Church loans – Churches facing difficult situations, such as bankruptcy and foreclosure, can often feel like there is nowhere to turn. At Griffin, our specialist are always on board to assist churches most in need, which explains our specific loan option for those experiencing hardship. To minimize payments, most of these loans have interest-only payments and no personal guarantees.
  • Church Bond Financing – Innovation remains at the heart of Griffin, allowing us to find solutions for even the most unconventional of situations we are faced with. Our church bond financing offers up to 30-year fixed interest rates with no balloons, giving churches the flexibility to opt for a financing option that suits them most. While often a more expensive option, bond financing may offer more creative options than a traditional loan, providing a great opportunity when other loans do not provide sufficient funding.

Our role as industry leaders is cemented by our versatility; from $75,000 to $35,000,000, Griffin Church Loans almost always has a product to meet your needs, regardless of financial circumstances. From the small and growing churches to the expansive household-names, we work with churches of all sizes. Quick and easy, with some of the best terms in the industry, it is clear to see why we are the premier choice for church financing.

In every communication, our team adheres to a simple motto: “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly, and close them quickly.”

Meet our Church Loan Consultants:

John Berardino
540-548-1001 xt. 104

Mike Brewer
Senior Vice President and Partner
540-548-1001 xt. 105

Scott Obenhein
Senior Loan Officer
540-548-1001 xt. 107

Song Quichocho (Korean and English Speaking)
Senior Vice President and Partner
540-548-1001 xt. 109

William Davis
Loan Officer
540-548-1001 xt. 181

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