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We, Griffin Capital Funding, have closed over 1,000 church loans for almost $1,000,000,000 (Billion) in total church loans . We are church loan experts, Inc. Magazine recognized us for our growth. Furthermore, President Obama awarded us the Presidents Volunteer Service Award for our service to churches.

Our Loans

We offer church loan products for churches that are in all stages of the credit cycle. Generally speaking, the stronger a church, the better their rates and loan terms. For a church that is strong and does not have any recent payment issues or problems, we offer church loans with 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year fixed rates and no personal guarantees. And, for those churches that are struggling and facing foreclosure or bankruptcy we offer lenient loan products that have interest only payments through our sister company, Griffin Church Loan Fund I.

Griffin’s Church Loan: Creatively Crafted to Your Needs

What if your church has a strange financing situation? Griffin Capital Funding can be extremely creative, including providing 100% financing for the purchase of a property when the deal makes sense or closing a loan in two weeks like we did for Pastor Traylor at the Epicenter Church in Jackson, MS. Moreover, we are often presented with unique church financing requests like stalled construction projects and bankruptcy buyouts; we love a challenge, and we love to prove that we can do what others cannot. By the way, we have no upfront fees and one business day approvals.

Griffin’s Motto.

Griffin’s motto is simple and clear: “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly, and close them quickly!” Our consultation is completely free, and once we review your information, we will provide you with a no strings attached, financing proposal if we can help. We are members of The National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA). We offer church loans in most parts of the country but not everywhere, and not all products are offered in all locations that we service.

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A Few Prior Customers

  • Elevate Life $24,500,000.00
  • Crown Christian Center $1,203,158.00
  • Mosaic Church $8,500,000.00
  • Voice of Last Day $84,000.00
  • VictoryFamily Church $13,250,000.00
  • Heart of America $80,000.00
  • Apostolic Faith Church $10,000,000.00
  • Valleyford $80,000.00
  • Cornerstone Christian Church $8,600,000.00
  • Full Armour $80,000.00
  • Bread of Life Christian Center $1,260,000.00
  • La Primera Iglesia $75,000.00
  • Grace Christian Church $1,245,000.00
  • Dutchman Creek Baptist Church $75,000.00
  • Rhema Baptist Church $1,230,000.00
  • House of Judah $1,200,000.00


Our Motto is simple and clear “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly, and close them quickly.” We are here to help your church by providing the most competitive products available in the marketplace. Whether your church has excellent credit and is looking for the best rates and terms or you are in trouble with your bank and in need of a loan to stop a foreclosure we can probably help. Please call one of our analysts for a free, no obligation, no pressure consultation and let us show you why we are the best in the business.
John Berardino President

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