Ana V Magalhães - Griffin's Church Loan Specialist

Ana V Magalhães

Ana V Magalhães is blessed to have been involved with the church community since a very young age. Church has always been a part of her daily life, and she has held a wide range of positions within the church from childhood to aging adult life. Growing up in a mission field had its challenges. The budget can be quite restrictive, and money has a greater value when facing financial decisions that will impact lives in such a personal way. When one grows up in a church so deeply rooted in the community and truly embodying God’s hands and feet, the Gospel has a much deeper meaning. Ana has served in positions of responsibility in the church, such as board member and regional chairperson for a church district, Sunday School teacher, president of missions, and others.

Ana V Magalhães church loan specialist

Ana V Magalhães

Professionally, Ana is trained in the medical field and is passionate about health and well-balanced living. Presently, Ana is in the financial industry as an insurance broker and funding specialist, working to help people protect their families and provide peace of mind in case of loss of health or life. She also helps small business owners qualify for funding for their investments, cashflow, and more. Helping people is a life-long mission Ana embraces with integrity, dedication, and joy.

Born and raised in the Portuguese and Cape Verdean cultures, Ana enjoys the sound of guitar playing and the taste of a homemade meal. Fellowship, either within the church community or her circle of family and friends, is priceless to Ana.

Ana is honored to be in a position, through her partnership with Griffin Capital, to help alleviate the financial worry upon so many of our beloved churches.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”. Prov. 27:17

Ana V Magalhães | Church Loan Specialist
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