Bishop H D Haywood, Sr. | Church Loan Specialist

Bishop H.D. Haywood

Bishop H D Haywood and Pastor Bev are Co-Senior Pastors of Bread Of Life Church in Fond du Lac, WI. Additionally, they are international ministry officials of the United Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministries headquartered in Baltimore, MD. They have ten children ages 18-37 years old, nineteen grandchildren, ages 3-mos. – 12 years old (with one more on the way), three godchildren and seven sons/daughters-in-laws, for a total of forty current family offspring – and still growing.

Bishop H D Haywood

Bishop H D Haywood and Pastor Bev have for 16+ years as supports and advocates for countless numbers of individuals and families in the Fond du Lac community, often putting a roof over their heads and supporting them emotionally, spiritually and financially until, and even after, they get on their feet. They have sat on numerous local committees, councils and nonprofits community group boards. They have intervened and spoken on and about difficult issues surrounding race. They have spearheaded and collaborated in creative ways to address sensitive issues surrounding racial diversity and economic disparities of the changing demographics within the Fond du Lac community. They have maintained two-way advocate relationships (usually in the backdrop) as equal supporters for the public at large and for our Schools, Law Enforcement Agencies, Social Services and other civil/municipal departments and officials in Fond du Lac.

They are the founders of several initiatives and organizations that are the forerunners for current nonprofit groups doing good things and bringing people together in Fond du Lac. Bishop Haywood and Pastor Bev, along with the music of the Bread Of Life Gospel Choir, have brought diversity into the forefront of the Fond du Lac Community. and in ways. Bishop Haywood and Pastor Bev along with Bread Of Life Church are the current baton carriers of the Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Citywide Church Service.

Bishop H D Haywood with Bev

For the past five years, they have worked with City Officials, the City Council, and received encouragement and advice from the County Executive as they became the primary architects of the newly created “Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Honorary Street Designation” located on 2nd Street between Military to Marr.

In addition to the above, Bishop H D Haywood is a Church Loan Specialist with Griffin Church Loans.  Assisting churches with financing comes as a natural fit with his deep connections to churches and their communities.



Bishop H D Haywood, Sr. | Church Loan Specialist
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