Bishop Joel D Trout | Griffin Capital's Church Loan Specialist

Bishop Joel D. Trout

Bishop Joel D Trout has spent 25 years in ministry as a pastor, church planter and builder. He has also founded two churches and assumed the pastorate of three churches.

Bishop Joel D Trout

Bishop Joel D. Trout

Besides, he is uniquely gifted in real estate having negotiated the acquisition of a 4K seat facility from the City of San Diego, led the purchase and sale of property that resulted in a 5 million dollar profit, and the redevelopment of a theater into a 42k square foot church and community center.

Furthermore, he has created, formed and led several non-profits. In 2014 he obtained a $300k grant from the Department of Labor for youth in the juvenile justice system for workforce development.  His aim is to launch leaders and institutions into next level of fulfillment of purpose.

Being a Church Loan Specialist with Griffin Church Loans helps him do just that.

Bishop Joel D Trout
Church Loan Specialist
Brookhaven, GA
Phone: 678.735.1037
Fax: 770.997.4030