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Damian L. Atkins

Damian L Atkins is the founder of the Alabama Theological Seminary in Birmingham, AL. The seminary spends a tremendous amount of its time and resources creating a research program dedicated to Church growth and development. During this research, the seminary discovered that the vast majority of church problems can be traced back to financial limitations.

Damian L Atkins

The Alabama native graduated from NCI Bible College with a doctoral degree in Christian counseling in 2017. In 2001, Damian gave his first sermon at Smith Chapel Baptist Church in York, Alabama. His ministerial experience includes interim pastor, associate pastor, Sunday school teacher, media ministry, and Christian counseling. He has also authored four books, including The Birth of Sin: Hamartiology.

Professionally, Atkins is a commercial real estate agent as well as a business credit consultant. He recently joined Griffin Church Loans to help Pastors and Church leaders secure the funds needed to improve and expand their ministries.

Mr. Atkins is married to Torlise Atkins. The two co-pastor Garden of Eden Ministries in Birmingham, AL. They also have a three-year-old daughter named Elyse.

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