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Debora Joseph-Splatt

Debora Joseph Splatt

Debora Joseph Splatt

Debora Joseph-Splatt is a dedicated U.S. Air Force Disabled Veteran and September 11 (Pentagon) Survivor native of Panama City, Panama, Latin America.

Debora Joseph-Splatt: Early Days

In 1989 she traveled from Panama to the Brooklyn, NY during her vacation break immediately after completing her junior high school year.  A month after she traveled, a violent riot began in Panama due to the Manuel Noriega political scandal. The violent situation lasted more than three months, causing for the closing of schools and business closings.  As the result of the riots, her parents decided for her not to return to Panama to graduate high school.

In September of 1989 she began her high school studies at Julia Richman High School, New York City where she learned to speak and write proper English, as well as the US History and culture.  The drastic change of culture motivated her to pursue the American Dream in the Melting Pot. During her senior year, she joined the Varsity Girls Volleyball Team obtaining a Trophy for her athletic achievement.  In addition, Debora joined the Navy ROTC.

Life-Struggles Taught Debora Many Things

Due to financial hardship, low income of her parents, and the obligation to care for them in addition to her sisters, Debora had to put on hold her dream to join College.  Also, her limited ability to speak English and lack of a college education only enabled her to obtained minimum wage jobs as a Party Goods Sales assistant, Grilled Cook in Roy Rogers, Wells Fargo Security Guard and Housekeeper.  In 1992 after the death of her older sister, Debora decided that she had to get a way out into a better job.  She applied for a job as a Flight Attendant with Value Jets Expeditions, Newark, NJ.  Scared to speak English and wearing a cheap flower dress, Debora spoke of her desire to be someone and her dedication to help her family.  Her honesty helped her in being selected among more experienced applicants as a Flight Attendant, despite of her lack of education and language barrier.  This was the beginning of her new life in pursuing the American Dream.  This dream lasted only three months because the airline went out of business leaving many without a job. In 1996 tired of working temp jobs, she relocated to Miami, FL in pursue of happiness.  She worked at Burdines Retail store while attending school to become a Respiratory Therapist.  At one point she ended up losing her apartment due to lack of income. She became homeless and slept at a Salvation Army Shelter in Miami.  Despite this adversity, she continues going to school and graduated, but never passed her board exam. She worked at Memorial Hospital Pembroke as a Staffing Scheduler.

In 1998, she got a job with Citibank, Word Trade Center NY as an Asset Management Assistant.  Right after she began working, a family tragedy stroke occurred; her older brother was gunned down leaving him paralyzed permanently.  Her income was not enough to support herself, care for her mom, and help pay medical bills for her brother.

Debora Joseph Splatt: Career with the US Air Force.

Due to the transfer of the Canal from the United States to Panama, her mother lost her job with the US Army after 22 years of service.  As a result, Debora decided to join the US Air Force so she could provide financially for her family in Panama.

On September 9, 1999, she joined the Air Force as a Personnel Specialist.  Two weeks after joining the Air Force, she suffered a Head Trauma during basic training.  Her left foot began to weaken falling by while she walked. In addition, she lost control of her bowel abilities.  She received medical treatment that seemed to alleviate her health.  She graduated from basic training and headed to Personnel Management School at Kessler Air Force Base, MS.

As the result of her distinguished Academic Achievement as the top student of the Personnel School, she was chosen to work at the Headquarters Air Force Colonel’s Group, Pentagon.  Her second assignment was at Military Personnel Flight, Pentagon where she worked as a Formal Training Specialist.

On an early morning of September 2000 she woke up to go to work, but could not move; she was paralyzed from the left side of her body due to a stroke. She crawled out of the bed, her right hand dragging herself to open her bedroom door to seek help. A soldier who happened to be at the female shower room, found her on the hallway floor screaming for help.  She was immediately transported to Walter Reed Medical Center where the doctors performed various medical tests and an MRI which determined that due to the head trauma, the C2 nerve that controlled the left side of her body and speech was damaged permanently.  After a few days of being in the hospital and receiving physical and speech therapy, she was released from the hospital. She now receives long term radiofrequency injections to her head, which help controlled the damage and help her live a normal life.

Debora: A September 11 Survivor.

On September 11, 2001, Debora Joseph Splatt dressed and went to work not knowing the tragedy that was about to come.  Early that morning, the news announced that an airplane had crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC. While she and other coworkers watched the news, she heard a loud explosion that shook the Pentagon. The alarm sounded commanding everyone to evacuate the building.  Debora aided a new airman who was recently assigned to the office and was 7 months pregnant.  They ran out of the building seeking help in the Washington DC area.  It took hours until they would be allowed to enter the military base.  Due to the damage at the Pentagon, Debora was required to work at the Bolling Air Force Base, Military Personnel Office.   In addition of processing the training orders for both commands, she was also tasked to assist at the Casualty Team. She worked long rotational hours.  In October when the Pentagon office was re-opened, Debora began to feel sick and scared of working in the building.  She went to the doctor just to find out that she was a month pregnant. She gave birth to a boy in June of 2002.

Debora’s Education.

Despite her disability, she completed her education and obtained the following degrees and certificates:

  • MBA and Executive Certificate in Project Management from the University of Management and Technology
  • S. Science in Human Resources Management from Park University
  • Certification in Real Estate Management from American International University
  • Certified Comptroller, US Department of Defense
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Origination Certificate

Debora Joseph Splatt: Church Loan Expert with Griffin.

In 2008, she joined Griffin Church Loans as a Church Loans Specialist.  Her entrepreneurial determination, superb interpersonal skills, integrity, and also strong ethical values contributed to her success in obtaining her first church loan in the amount of $2.7 million dollars within two months of joining Griffin.  Months after she secured another loan in the amount of $11.5 million dollars for a mega church in Maryland.   In April 2009 she was baptized in water at Victory Christian Ministries International under the leadership of Pastor Tony and Cynthia Brazelton.

Debora brings to Griffin Church Loans her 17 years of combined work experience; military active duty member with the US Air Force and Civil Service Federal employment service with distinguished agencies, US Air Force, US State Department and US Army.

Her federal career track titles include: Asset Management Administrative Assistant, Military Senior Officer Records Management Specialist, Military Education and Training Specialist, Resource Management Senior Programs Analyst, and Contracts and Budget Specialist.

Debora Joseph Splatt currently resides in Kissimmee, FL with her two children Joshua and Zoey.

As a Christian and dedicated professional within the loan industry, Debora continues servicing loans for consumers, churches, real estate investors, and business owners. In addition, her outstanding relationship with various financial institutions allows her to offer:

  • Church Loans,
  • Personal Loans,
  • Residential Mortgage Loans (As a Loans Origination Partner),
  • Business Loans,
  • Medical Loans, and also
  • International Loans.

In addition, she offers Funeral Planning Life Insurance through her licensing in the state of FL and VA.

She is currently pursuing professional license and certification to become:

  • Certified Church Consultant
  • License Real Estate Agent
  • License Mortgage Loans Officer

She is fluent in Spanish.

Her two favorite bible verses are:

Proverbs 19:1

Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool.

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


Debora Joseph Splatt
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