James Potter | Church Loan Specialist with Griffin Capital

James Potter

James Potter is highly respected in the marketing and advertising industry as a great strategic and creative thinker. At Burrell Communications, James contributed to the profitability of many of the accounts he was assigned to including the US Navy and Coca Cola.

Church Loan Specialist James Potter

Later his entrepreneurial spirit led him to develop his own company, PM Productions, which specialized in jingles that utilized contemporary sounds to deliver messages targeted toward the African American consumer for such clients as  McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Kelloggs, and Cadillac. This experience led him to become the successful Executive Producer and/or Producer of  a number of TV shows including the Gospel Television show, “Singsation;” which still airs on Sundays on WGN-TV and numerous other TV documentaries featuring such stars as Eddie Murphy, Paul Mooney, Arsenio Hall, and Marla Gibbs, to name a few.

James Potter was also cited by the Obama Presidential campaign for recruiting Chicago area volunteers to work for the Obama campaign in Indiana and Wisconsin. He did this recruiting strictly via the Internet. He also launched and implemented a successful online couponing (facebook) campaign for Reggio’s Frozen Pizza in the Atlanta, GA. Region targeting grocery chains and Walgreens.

Furthermore, James is a strong Christian who believes in living his faith every day. Now as a Church Loan Specialist with Griffin Church Loans, he will also be able to help churches through his professional work.

James Potter
Church Loan Specialist
Harvey, IL
P: 312-363-9084