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Juliet Graham

With a strong desire to align herself with the heart of God, and to see His work accomplished here on earth, Juliet Graham strives to be a true Laborer in the Harvesting Field for God.

As a leading member of the Prayerline, she begins each day at 5:30am in the morning, where in corporate prayer they stand in the gap for various people, situations and circumstances as the Holy Spirit leads. Besides, at 9:00pm nightly, again she joins with the Prayerline in Praise and Worship and Thanksgiving to God, for His goodness, His guidance, and His love towards us all.

Juliet believes she can best serve God by being a Biblical Teacher of children to assist in the raising-up of God’s Future Laborers. And so, over the past fifteen years, she has dedicated her time to studying the word. She aims on imparting to them God’s desire for their lives with clarity. Every Sunday morning and Friday evening, Juliet Graham looks forward to meeting with and enjoying her kids at her local church.

In addition, assisting Pastors and Church Leaders throughout the country, to obtain funding for their church building projects, has become a very special passion for Juliet. Once in the summer of 2004, she was thumbing through court documents at the Town’s Clerk’s office. And, she was surprised to have stumbled across documents of foreclosure against a local church. Concerned, she sort a meeting with the pastor, who himself was unaware of the filing. After hearing their unusual story, Juliet Graham left no stones unturned in overcoming the enemy. Diligently, she assisted them in obtaining the $1.2M + funding they needed to complete the work that was already in progress.

And soon, on that glorious day in 2005, Juliet sat in the front row and watched as all together they joyfully celebrated the experience of the opening day of their new Sanctuary.

All To and For The GLORY of GOD

Whether you are currently of small beginnings, or you are a church body that is bulging at the seams, experiencing unexpected growth, Juliet promises to be your friendly and tireless Church Loan Executive, who will definitely leave no stones unturned, in assisting you to see your most important dream becomes TRUE.

Juliet Graham
New Haven, CT
Phone: (203)685-6877