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Kenneth Allen

The Indianapolis Recorder: “Arguably one of the Indiana most enterprising young Black professionals”

Angela Egner of Michigan Alliance for Youth Business (MAYBE): “Besides all of his accolades he just has impeccable manners”

kenneth allen church loan specialist

Kenneth Allen

Indiana Minority Business Magazine: “A Champion for Diversity”

LTC. (Ret.) Robert Wilhelm Director of Army Instructor for Gary Schools: “He is an excellent an individual, but must of all he is very articulate and logical”

Dr. Farrah Gray: “He is one of the most influential Black men in America”

McDonalds Corporation USA LLC “A Living History Maker”

Minister Kenneth “Biznessman” Allen, is the founder of the Kenneth Allen Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Inc. (KAFFE, Inc.) (pronounced Café Ink) he is the former owner of  K.S. Consultants and Prominent Magazine which he started with William G. Mays and Dr. Farah Gray. Allen grew up in a single parent household, and was raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Gary, Ind. Allen’s love for entrepreneurship began early. At 12, he started his first business venture, K.S. Candies, in his grandfather’s garage. Operating for more than six years, K.S. Candies ranked 79 out of 100 youth businesses in the nation according to Young Biz, Inc. By 15, Allen was sharing his love for entrepreneurship with others as Young Biz’s youngest certified entrepreneurship instructor in the country. At age 17, Allen defied national statistics for Black males and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School. Since Graduating from Gary Roosevelt he has attended Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Ivy Tech State College, and United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Before accepting his call to Ministry Minister Kenneth Allen, Church Loan Specialist was a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His gift allowed him to spread words of wisdom to youth in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Nigeria, Senegal,  and all over North America.

Allen is a man who not only “talks the talk” – he walks the walk. He diligently serves his community by annually giving over 2000 volunteer  hours to such organizations like Indiana Black Expo (IBE), as the IBE Youth Entrepreneurship Seminar chair, Prince Hall Masons/Shiners,  Indianapolis Urban League Young Professionals, he is also the Chair of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status Black Males and the First Baptist Church.

Allen is the youngest person to ever be employed by the Indiana House of Representatives. At 18, he was hired as a page coordinator for the 112 and 113 General Assembly. He worked for the state of Indiana for 2 years. Then went on to work for the Federal Government for three years.

He has held leadership positions with the Baptist Minister’s Alliance of Indianapolis and Vicinity as well as the National Action Network.

Allen’s work has been featured on BET networks, CBS news, FOX News, Elkhart Truth, Trinidad Guardian, Gary Post Tribune, Gary Info, Gary Crusader, The Indiana Statesman, the Houston Style Magazine, Indianapolis Recorder, Indianapolis Star, The Indiana Minority Business Magazine, and the Prince Hall Shriners Pyramid Magazines just to name a few.

He has received hundreds of awards such as Who’s Who Among Youth Leaders, the One Church One School Student of the Year, National’s Dean’s List, Indiana Black Expo Entrepreneur of the Year and McDonalds just recently recognized him as a “Living History Maker”. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee recently recognized Allen for helping over a hundred youth start a business in Texas.  He has received proclamations from the Mayors of Gary, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana, Houston, Texas. He has received resolutions from the Lake County Board of Commissioners, Indianapolis City County Council, Indiana House of Representatives, United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, He counts among one of his proudest accomplishments, December 4, which was proclaimed by Indianapolis Mayor as “Kenneth Allen Day” for his outstanding leadership and success as an entrepreneur.

Kenneth Allen is a Licensed Minister at the First Baptist Church North Indianapolis. He also currently leads the Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP). He is the current Chairman of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males, and the proud father of two school-age children. Kenneth has a passion for serving the community and teaching youth entrepreneurship. His favorite scripture is Romans 8:28.

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