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Monica Cason

Evangelist Monica Beckles Cason is a mother of four, foster mother of many, grandmother of thirteen and great-grandmother of one. She has been an entrepreneur and business consultant for more than over 30 years.

Monica Cason

Monica Cason

She was educated in Barbados. She continued her education in the United States attending college at FCC. There she received her degree in business office administration.  She went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in business management and finance. She is also working on a degree in Cosmetology, which she hopes to complete soon.

Monica loves helping people birth their inner potential by bringing that which is within to reality.  Throughout her ministry, she has planted a few churches, non-profit organizations, and a few small businesses. It was an honor for her to serve many business owners and new entrepreneurs in their endeavor to secure funding and launch their dreams.

Her mission as a Church Loan Specialist is to serve by helping Churches and non-profit organizations obtain the funding needed to grow and succeed. She hopes that this will help them balance work and their families.

Monica calls both the United States and Barbados her home. America opened her eyes as God led her through the valley of death. Barbados gave her the hunger to reach for more and not settle for less. Through completing the battles of life that she has faced, she learned to never give up but to stay in and experience growth.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to be a foster parent for many children along with family members from across the globe. She is very proud of them all for becoming successful in their communities.

“Thirty-five years ago, God showed me my purpose in this world. He placed those gifts upon me so I could do an effective service for HIM. This is one of the reasons for me being here today…to serve you!

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