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Pastor James L. Brannon

Pastor James L Brannon

Pastor James L. Brannon

After graduating from Montclair High School in Southern California I, Pastor James L Brannon, attended Christian Life College from 1971-1975 where received a BA degree in Bible and Theology. Three months after graduation I married the love of my life Janet (Renison) Brannon.  We embarked on establishing our lives together and began in ministry.  Over the next five years we worked at Christian Life College as the college business manager and teaching several H.S. and college classes. During the summer months we traveled with singing groups and promoted the college through out the United States.

I received my first ministerial “local” license in 1975, then a “general” license in 1980.  In the spring of 1980 our first son (Jerry) was born and a few months later we were asked to join a church staff in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Moving from our families in California was difficult but we quickly made new friends and bought a home in Indy!  In August of 1982 our second son (Justin) was born in Beech Grove, Indiana. During our eight-year tenure in Indiana, I have had the privilege of having the direct Pastoral oversight of an 80,000 sq. ft. addition to our church facility.

We coordinated a large group of volunteers as well as scheduled contractors and construction managers on a daily bases all while serving as the Senior Associate Pastor.  While living in Indiana I was ordained in 1982 in Merrillville, Indiana and became involved in the Indiana State Youth Department overseeing many youth related activities in Indiana over the next four years.

In 1988 more charges came about with our young family of four when we moved back to California to plant a new church in Livermore, California.  At the present time have been the founding/lead pastor of our “start-up” church in for the last 28 years.

In our time of ministry, I have served as an Assistant Pastor, Senior Associate Pastor, Indiana State District Youth Secretary/Treasure, traveling evangelist, and Senior Pastor and Janet and I even participated with a TV ministry on a weekly program for five years.  Both Janet and I have served in the pulpit for over 41years, striving to inspire, teach, motivate and encourage people.

The last 10 years our family was blessed and continued to grow!  First with two daughters-in-love and then FIVE GRAND-BABIES, four girls and one boy!!

I have worked with local church boards, building committees, planners and have served as an “external” church board member for 2 out of state churches as well and also served as planning coordinator; consultant and advisor in financial and mortgage transactions and have helped secure financing for many churches. As the founding pastor of our present congregation, we successfully completed the purchase of two church buildings as well as refinanced our current property twice.  Janet and I are also the founders and current owners/director of a successful non-profit licensed Child Care Center in our church in Livermore, California.

My professional experiences has included not only ministry positions and also a private building-remodeling contractor, held a California Life & Health insurance license, was an independent Real Estate Appraiser and currently hold a California Real Estate License.  Through the many years of “hands-on” experience, from the trenches to the pulpit, I have labored faithfully providing for our family, assisting churches large and small and have a heart for the advancement of His Kingdom with a passion to assist pastors and help them make a greater impact on their communities and the lives of the members of their congregation.

Give me a call and let me share with you a few things that I have learned!  I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your goals, accomplishing your vision and assist you and your congregation.

Pastor James L Brannon
Livermore, CA
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