Pastor Rod Harris - Church Loan Specialist Tallahassee, FL

Pastor Rod Harris

Pastor Rod Harris, Church Loan Specialist, has been in the church environment all his life. Having experience with churches both denominationally and nondenominationally, he has a well-rounded approach to the ultimate church experience. As a teenager, he began ministry and now has well over a decade of ministry experience.

Pastor Rod Harris

Pastor Rod Harris

Pastor Harris has worked in various facets of ministry, including youth ministry, music ministry, Praise and Worship leader, associate minister, and chairman of the Board of Directors, just to name a few. So he knows what it takes to have a successful, healthy church.  He now operates as the Founder and General Overseer of Freedom Assembly Network International, which launched in April of 2014.

While growing spiritually, Pastor Rod also experienced exponential growth in the marketplace. He also has well over a decade of managerial and administrative experience. He spent numerous working from the bottom up to gain knowledge and wisdom on running and operating smoothly in business. In most recent years, he has focused on the tax laws of individual and business income. With this vast array of knowledge, Pastor Harris launched his business, Rohi Consulting Group, in 2017. He has made it an endeavor to assist churches and small businesses reach stability and growth for the years to come.

Pastor Rod operates as a prophetic teacher and preacher, bringing understanding and clarity of how to live a godly life in the Kingdom of God. Pastor Rod continually educates himself, thus studying theology, church ministry leadership and administration, and Christian studies at the associate and bachelor levels. He is currently in pursuit of a Master’s degree to further develop disciples and become a catalyst of transformation through cultivating leaders with the community. Pastor Harris is married to his wife, Christa and they have to wonderful, busy boys together.

Pastor Rod Harris | Church Loan Specialist
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