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Robert Branscomb FIC

Robert Branscomb lives in Goodyear, AZ. He resides in Estrella Mountain Ranch, a Planned Community, with his wife Veronica and their dog Archie.

Robert Branscomb

Robert Branscomb FIC

Growing up the son of a minister of a small church in LaPorte Indiana, I learned early on the many challenges of being a church leader. In fact, one of my first jobs at age 11 was helping to clean the church on Saturday nights for Sunday morning services.

There were lots of fish fries and chicken dinner fundraisers to help meet the financial needs of the church and its various outreach programs. In today’s world, it takes more than fish fries and chicken dinners to run a church.

Griffin Church Loans has an unwavering commitment to providing fantastic church loans and financing products with great rates and terms.

We can’t do what we say we do by saying NO…we are who we are because we can say YES…Griffin Church Loans has grown to become one of the largest and most creative church financing companies in the country.  

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  • Past bank Branch Manager/Commercial Loan Officer
  • Graduate American Bankers Association
  • Past Board University of San Diego Parent Board Member
  • Past Chairman of the Office of Minority/Woman-Owned Business Enterprise
  • For the state of WA. Appointed by two different Governors
  • Fraternal Insurance Counselor (FIC)
  • Life Resource Planner
  • Purple Cross Counselor Final Expense Planner
  • Decorated Vietnam Veteran, including the Purple Heart
  • Graduate School of Ministries: Church Leadership and Ministry Degree
  • 3 John 12

Robert Branscomb FIC
Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 253-576-7422