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William V. Thompson

William V Thompson is owner of The Church Coalition and Lead Financial Strategist. William resides in McLeansville, NC and received his degree in Accounting and Social Work from Greensboro College. In 1981, he worked for one of the top 8 Accounting Firms, Ernst & Whinney for two years and received his certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

William Thompson

William Thompson

In 1990, he owned a regional accounting firm, William V Thompson and Associates for 14 years and retired in 2004 to become a financial mentor. With his Accounting Firm he specialized in Church Tax & Law, assisting churches in complying with IRS and State guidelines, creating compensation packages to help Ministers maximize benefits while minimizing taxes, creating accounting systems for churches and showing them how to create or enhance cash flow.

During retirement, William authored 8 books, to name a few The Monopoly System, Debt Trap, Freedom Formula, and Principle, Promises Power.

As a financial strategist, William helps churches create a bible based plan to increase membership, money and ministry within their communities.

William has been married for 28 years and has one child and currently resides in McLeansville, NC. He believes that “Everyone should possess a plan that provides them the possibility to live their dream life!” William believes that every problem has a solution and his company, TCC, has products and services that solve any financial problem.


William V. Thompson
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