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Griffin Capital Funding | Great Rates and Terms for Your Church

Griffin Capital Funding

Griffin Capital Funding was founded in 1999 with the express purpose of helping churches meet their financing goals. Each year we work with thousands of churches to help them understand their financial position by providing free advice and valuable insight on how church financing (church loans, church mortgage, church refinancing etc.) works and also how the church can improve their financial position. In Griffin Capital Funding, we close about $100,000,000 per year on average in church loan for the purchase, refinance, renovation and ground-up construction of church properties. Inc. Magazine ranked us as the 49th fastest growing financial services firm in 2008. It is pretty amazing considering almost all of our business is focused on a very small segment of the overall financial services industry (churches).

Goal of the Company

The goal of Griffin Capital Funding is to leave each church better off for having worked with us, and we do this through providing fantastic church loan/ church financing products with great rates and terms. In addition to providing low-interest rate products to churches that are in a good position, we also have a private money fund that also helps churches in foreclosure or bankruptcy. We have representatives that speak English, Korean, and Spanish. We offer loans ranging in size from $75,000 to $30,000,000 in most parts of the country.
To date we have closed about 1,000 church loans for almost $1,000,000,000 (Billion) in total closed loans.

See the activities of Griffin Capital Funding in the video:

How Griffin Stands Apart from the Rest:

  • 24 Hour response from the time we receive the quick quote application and financial statements. If you have ever been to a bank looking for a loan, you understand how frustrating the process can be. Most of those you talk to don’t know anything about church loans/church financing and the process of getting an answer from underwriting can take weeks or even months. We are streamlined and use the most up-to-date software and processes to ensure that answers are provided quickly.
  • Completely free quotes with no obligation. We will review your application and provide a written proposal within 24 hours detailing the interest rates and terms of the loan without cost or obligation to you.
  • Personal guarantees on the church loans are almost never needed. You can feel secure in knowing that if something does go wrong with the church, your personal credit will not be affected.
  • Quick closings are what we specialize in providing. From the time we initially receive your documents to the closing of your loan, our process is streamlined and designed to minimize the time it takes to fund your loan.
  • Fantastic service is what we provide every day to every church we touch, whether a loan is provided or not.
  • Our products are risk-based so that we can help as many churches as possible. The strongest churches receive the best products and pricing while churches that are in trouble receive higher pricing.

Church Loans Types Griffin Offers:

  • 20 and 25 year fully fixed loans with no balloons. This program is fully fixed; the interest rate of the loan also stays the same for the life of the loan, and this program does not require personal guarantees.
  • 5, 7 and 10 year fixed loans with amortizations ranging from 20 to 30 years. This program generally has a balloon after the fixed rate period. Personal guarantees are not generally needed on this program.

griffin capital funding, great church loan rates

  • Construction loan for churches with one easy closing for both the construction loan and the permanent church mortgage. The church pays interest only during construction and principal and interest payments after construction. With one easy closing, the expenses are kept to a minimum for the church. This loan does not usually require personal guarantees.
  • Private Money Church loans are used to help churches that are in difficult situations like Bankruptcy and Foreclosure or that have a short window to take advantage of a special situation. Most of these loans have interest-only payments and no personal guarantees.
  • Church Bond Financing can have up to 30 year fixed interest rates with no balloons. This can be a more expensive approach to financing a church but there are times when bond financing can be more creative than a traditional loan.

Whether your church is looking to borrow $75,000 or $30,000,000, Griffin Capital Funding has a product for you. Our process is quick and easy. You will find our terms to be some of the best in the industry. To know more about church loan, see the video above.

Our Motto is simple and clear: “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly, and close them quickly.”

Meet our Church Loan Consultants:

John Berardino
540-548-1001 104

Mike Brewer
Senior Vice President and Partner
540-548-1001 105

Scott Obenhein
Loan Officer
540-548-1001 107

Song Quichocho (Korean and English Speaking)
Senior Vice President and Partner
540-548-1001 109

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