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Church Loan Program

Griffin Church Loans is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! It is hard to believe that the initial vision to help churches become financially stronger has made us the number one church financier in the country. We are humbled and blessed to be able to continue to offer our church loan programs across the country.

church loan program

2019 has just begun, and we are already helping churches all over the country with their refinances, purchases, debt consolidation, construction, and renovation projects. Whether your church has good credit or bad, we have a church loan program to assist. We have church loan programs with long term fixed rates 10, 15, 20, 25, even up to 30 years with no balloons. The best time for churches to start the process is now. Interest rates will continue to climb this year. Starting now can save your church thousands in interest expense over the life of the loan.

The best time for churches to start the process is now.

Church Loan Program: Griffin’s Stories:

Recently, we closed a loan in Hamden, CT. The church wanted to purchase the building they had been renting for 6 years. They were looking for a church lender to complete their purchase and found us. We were able to provide a church loan program that made their monthly mortgage payment $2,000 less than they were paying in rent.

In Clarkston, GA, a church needed a church lender to refinance their loan. They also wanted to cash out some equity on their 137-year-old building to make some improvements. We offered them a church loan program that fit their needs, so we closed their $3.74 million-dollar loan.

Meanwhile, in Bridgeton, NJ, a growing church needed a church lender for their ground-up construction project. They needed more room for their growing congregation, so they decided to build an addition. They needed a church loan program that would help them achieve their goal quickly, so they came to us.

Thus, we want to help every church achieve their financial goals. If your church needs to start the loan process, call us today 800-710-6762. We can answer your questions and give your church an approval in as little as one business day.

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