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John Ramsey

John Ramsey has been in the financial services business for the past 25 years. Mr. Ramsey started in the financial services business on a part time basis to make money to help his son pay for his college education.

John Ramsey

John Ramsey

After his son successfully obtained his undergraduate and master degrees, John decided it was time for a career change and went full time into the financial services industry, starting as a Residential Mortgage Consultant.

From there he successfully started his own company, MTC Financial Network, where he helped hundreds of individuals and companies obtain financing for their various needs both Residential and Commercial. John became so successful that financial services companies and mortgage companies obtained his services as an auditor to review their closed loans for compliance issues.

Besides, John has been a member of the Cathedral of Love Community Church in Willingboro, NJ for the past 38 years, having received Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1979 and is a Deacon and the head of the Cathedral of Love’s Men’s Department.

John Ramsey is recognized for his ability to grasp new ideas and to integrate them into desired results.  He can handle challenges in high demand situations while maintaining excellent customer service and communication skills.  He is a dynamic results-oriented problem solver with determination and persistence for troubleshooting issues at all levels.

John’s goal is that his career be defined by the positive differences he makes on himself, his workplace and profession and to understand the challenges that he faces, identify the inconceivable, and conquer through hard work and perseverance.

John’s mission is to become a difference maker.  He hopes to do that in his work as a Church Loan Specialist with Griffin Capital Funding.


John Ramsey
Church Loan Specialist
Willingboro, NJ
Phone: 609-792-4185
Cell: 856-979-7706

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