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Church Building Refinance

Spring is in the air and so are church building refinances!  Churches across the country are concerned about rising interest rates. So, they are ready to refinance their loans before they balloon. Do you know what your church’s loan terms and maturity date are?  This is the time for you to double check because most lenders only offer churches5-year loans.  We offer many different programs including 30-year fixed loans with no balloons.  If your loan is coming due within the next two years, or you have a high interest rate, then you should start the church building refinance process now.  This simple action will save your church thousands of dollars in interest.

We offer many different programs including 30-year fixed loans with no balloons.

church building refinanceGriffin Capital can make your life even easier because we have loan programs with long-term fixed rates. These programs include 10, 15 20, 25 and 30 year fixed terms.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lock into a long-term fixed-rate loan and forget about refinancing for a long time?

Church Building Refinance | Griffin’s Successes

This month we closed a church building refinance in Groveton, GA. The church came to us with one simple goal, and that was to lower their interest rate. Their balloon date was getting closer by the day, so we knew time was of the essence. We closed their loan and lowered their interest rate by 1.5% saving them thousands of dollars of the term of the loan.

We also closed a church building refinance in Newcastle, OK. The church needed to consolidate 2 loans and lower the interest rate. Their vision was clear. They wanted to lower their payments, so they could save money for the future. We were able to lower their interest rate by 2% and save them thousands per year.

A church in Fort Worth, TX also found us this month. They had an owner-financed loan that had ballooned. They had tried to refinance on their own to no avail, and they were under the pressure of foreclosure. We closed their loan and lowered their interest rate by 1.75%.

Any of the above church scenarios could be yours. Therefore, it is important to start the church building refinance process now. Interest rates are climbing and are forecasted to go up three times in 2018.  If you are ready to refinance or need help understanding your current loan terms, give us a call at 800-710-6762. We do not have any upfront costs. We can analyze your church’s financial statements and give you an answer in one business day.

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