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Category: Church Renovation

10 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Church Renovation: Don’t Be One of Them!

Renovating a Church is a noble and transformative undertaking, but it’s important to tread carefully to avoid common pitfalls. Whether you’re preserving a historic masterpiece or revitalizing a cherished community space, Church renovation projects require careful planning and execution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the ten most prevalent mistakes made during Church renovation … Read More

Faithful Financing: A Comprehensive Guide to Church Renovation Loans

Churches hold significant cultural and historical value, often serving as centers of faith, community gatherings, and social events. Over time, these sacred spaces may require renovations to ensure their longevity and continued relevance. However, financing Church renovations can be complex, involving various challenges and considerations. This comprehensive guide will explore the world of Church renovation … Read More

Church Renovation

Just like your home, church buildings need to be maintained. Whether it is to modernize an older church or make repairs, church renovations can be costly and sometimes require financing. When a church comes to Griffin Church Loans for their church refinance, they often request a cash out for these repairs. We see many requests … Read More

Church Renovation Lender

We are seeing a new financing trend from churches.  They are purchasing older buildings and renovating them to serve as their new home. This is the perfect time for churches to take on renovation projects before interest rates go up again.  The prediction is that interest rates will go up four times this year. Completing … Read More

Church Funding & Long Fixed Rate Terms

Not every church needs the same loan.  We know that every loan request is as unique as the church that needs financing. To that end, Griffin Church Loans has many church funding options and programs. This includes loans with long fixed rate terms. We receive church funding requests from all over the United States.We help … Read More

Church Growth

With climbing interest rates, we have been placing a lot of our focus on church refinances. Seeking funding now is equally important for church purchase loans. Church growth is on the rise. For churches projecting a move in the next few years, the time to act may be now. Your church can lock into a … Read More