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Leased Church Building

Often, we find something that we are not quite sure about in the beginning but fall in love with in the end. We have seen a recent trend with our loans with churches that have leased church buildings and then decide to purchase them as their permanent homes. Why is now the right time? Interest … Read More

Church Purchase Loans

Griffin Capital Funding understands church financing, and we offer church purchase loans across the United States of America. Ultimately, this means that we probably have a loan that will fit the needs of your church.

Church Sanctuary Purchase

We have been busy helping churches from coast to coast purchase their first sanctuary! Buying a new sanctuary can be an exciting and scary process, especially for first time purchasers. Many churches come to us for our expertise, as we have been helping churches since 1999. We help guide every church through this big decision. … Read More

Buy Church Building

“Does Griffin Capital only do refinances or can we also apply for a loan to buy a church building through you?” We receive this common question on our social media pages. The answer is yes. We make loans to buy church buildings and all other types of church loans including renovations and construction. We are … Read More

Churches are the Foundation in Our Society

In an ever-changing society, churches have become more important than ever. We need to help every church that we can to refinance, purchase, renovate, and build. Church purchase loans, especially play a vital role. We live in an ever-changing society, and it seems to be evolving faster and faster every day. Over the weekend, I … Read More

Griffin Helps Epicenter Church Buy $5M Sanctuary for $150,000

Griffin Capital Funding recently helped aEpicenter Church in Jackson, MS buy a building worth $5mm for $150,000 in less than 2 weeks. When opportunity knocks, Griffin Capital Funding can help churches make ownership dreams a reality. Church Purchase | Epicenter Church in Jackson, MS Recently, Griffin Capital Funding helped Epicenter Church in Jackson, MS with … Read More