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Church Financing Programs

Everyday Griffin Church Loans receives loan requests from churches all over the country. Our mission is to help every church that we can by placing them in a better financial position. We have church financing programs for almost every loan scenario. We work with churches of all sizes. This also includes churches with good or bad credit.

The churches that refinance now will save thousands with a lower interest rate.

church financing programsCurrently, the most popular church financing program requests are for refinances. We are happy to see churches refinancing their loans before interest rates climb again. It is projected that interest rates will be raised three times in 2018. The churches that refinance now will save thousands with a lower interest rate.

Memphis, TN

Our most recent refinances through our church financing programs included a church in Memphis, TN. When they found us, they had a limited amount of time remaining before facing a 1% interest rate extension fee. Time was of the essence, so we got right to work and closed the loan on the last day before the penalty activated.

San Antonio, TX

We also closed a refinance loan in San Antonio, TX. In addition, they wanted to pull out some equity for renovations to their sanctuary. One of their goals was to create a fellowship hall to rent out when not in use. This smart idea would generate income for the church and help pay down their loan.

Furthermore, in Rhode Island, we closed a refinance for a church that found the perfect building to purchase. The only problem was that they did not have their financing in place. Rather than risk losing the property, a family member temporarily loaned the congregation the funds needed for the purchase.

We are also receiving church financing program requests for purchases, construction, and renovations. Churches are actively seeking loans due to growth. We are here to help with church financing programs that include loans with up to 30 year fixed rates. If your church is thinking about financing, then give us a call to see how we can help.

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