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Griffin Closes Loan for Church – after Years of Trying on their Own

Church Loan Closing

Griffin Capital, efficient in church loan closing, makes loans happen for churches that cannot find financing on their own.

Thus, there are many reasons that churches seek out Griffin Church Loans for their loans. The churches know that we help with every type of loan, including:

  • Church refinancing
  • Construction
  • Purchase, and also
  • Church renovation.

No matter what the reason is for a church to find us, there is one big result: Griffin Church Loans makes getting your church loan quick and painless.

church loan closing, church renovation

Church Refinancing – Griffin Capital’s Success

Churches often come to Griffin Church Loans because we can close loans that churches do not have the relationships or resources to get approved by going to banks on their own.  This was the exact case with a church in Livermore, CA.  The successful church and school had applied for refinancing at their local lending institution, where they had banked for over 20 years, and were turned down time and time again.  They reached out to other banks, resulting in the same answer.

Then, the church contacted us, and we refused to take no for an answer. We thoroughly analyzed the church financials and flagged why the banks were misinterpreting them. Some lenders have minimum membership requirements for churches.  In this particular situation, the church had just over 100 members, but what was not being taken into consideration was the large number of children enrolled in the school.  The enrollment made up 2/3 of the church’s income.

Our experts were able to make this church refinance a reality, and the $800,000 refinance loan closed. The church also received an amazing 20- year fixed rate.  Furthermore, the sizable savings on their monthly payments will help the church with their new plan to pay off their mortgage in 10 years.  The building will then be paid off before the founding Pastor retires.  What a blessing for the church!

Contact Griffin Church Loans for any of help in regards to church refinancing, construction, purchase, and church renovation. Our church loan experts will give you the right solution.

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