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Long Term Fixed Rate Loans

This just in…Griffin Church Loans has closed another 20-year fixed interest rate church mortgage!!!  This may sound like fake news, but we can assure you that it is not.


We continue to see loan requests from churches across the country that would love to secure a long-term fixed rate loan. Many of the churches have been to their bank and have been denied any type of loan.  Of those that have been approved by their bank, very few receive long term fixed rate loans like we offer.   

Griffin Can Help…


So, why can Griffin do it?  The answer is simple, our area of expertise is church financing. We understand the needs of churches as well as their finances. Many traditional lenders do not. Over the past 20 years, we have closed over $2 Billion in church mortgages. We offer a variety of church loan programs, so we have options for churches of all sizes. For churches with excellent credit and who meet the qualifications, we can provide 30-year fixed rate loans with no balloons. If 30-year fixed loans are too long for your church, we also offer 10, 15, 20- and 25-year long term fixed rate church loans.

Long Term Fixed Rate Loans- Griffin’s Closing Stories.

Our latest church mortgage closing was for a long term fixed rate of 20 years and as a bonus, the church received a $3,500 closing credit as well.  The church was purchasing their first home after renting for nearly 29 years. Also.They were very excited to make the move to ownership. They wanted to start building equity for their congregation rather than continue to pay rent. They are building toward their future and the ability to accomplish more within their local community.

We also just closed a church mortgage with a long term fixed rate of 10 years for a church in Ohio. The 100-year-old church came to us to refinance their current church mortgage.  They also wanted to pull out some equity to make improvements to their sanctuary and fellowship hall.

Additionally, in Houston, TX, we closed a church mortgage construction loan that came with a 7-year fixed rate. The church has been renting since inception 18 years ago. They will now be purchasing and constructing a steel building to serve their congregation.

If you know of a church interested in learning more about our church mortgage programs, please call  800-710-6762 to speak to a loan officer.

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