Reduced Interest Rate or Better Interest Rate - Griffin's Story

Church Lowers Interest Rate from 7.25% to 4.44%

Are you looking for a reduced interest rate or a better interest rate for your church?

Griffin Church Loans can help you!

Now is the time for churches locked into high-interest rates to refinance their loans. Interest rates are climbing again, so refinance while you can save thousands for your church.

Imagine that your church, located in Michigan, has just taken out a loan at 7.25% with a bank and then the recession hits. Through hard work, determination and help fromAbove, your church makes it through a very difficult time.  Now it is several years later; the recession has ended, and interest rates have fallen. The church also made most of its payments on time, and you approach the bank for a reduced interest rate.  The bank says no, they are not willing to lower interest rate for you.

Lower Interest Rate Better Interest Rate

Better Interest Rate | Griffin Capital’s Story

That was the scenario (as described above) facing a church that Griffin Church Loans recently closed. The church came to Griffin Church Loans. They looking for a company that would give them a better interest rate and lower their payment.  The church had been a staple in their community for over 35 years. Thus it had just made it through one of the most difficult times in our economy. Additionally, they were located in one of the worst-hit areas. Our loan officer quickly got to work reviewing their financials and the request to determine what we could offer.  We were determined to help them, and we were able to give them a fixed rate of 4.44%. This dropped their interest rate by 3% saving them thousands of dollars.

Looking for Reduced Interest Rate?

If you are a church that has a current mortgage and an interest rate higher than 4.5% please call Griffin Church Loans to see how we can help you.   Our motto is “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly and close them quickly.”  We also provide quick answers, and the initial application process takes about 2 minutes. You can visit Griffin Church Loans to fill out our one-page application or call   800-710-6762 to speak to a loan officer directly.

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