Griffin Capital's Simple Loan Process | Fits to Your Ease

Griffin’s Simple Loan Process | Fits to Your Ease

Griffin’s Simple Loan Process.

At Griffin Church Loans, we have created a streamlined simple loan process which allows us to analyze your loan and give you an answer usually within one business day. Our process includes a simple one-page application which can be completed in two minutes. In addition, we use our high-tech computer system to analyze your transaction and determine the strength of the church and what programs you qualify for (we have a bunch). We also discuss the various options and you determine what is best for you. Furthermore, we have up to 30 year fixed interest rate loans with no balloons for churches that meet the guidelines all the way to loans for churches that are facing foreclosure and even bankruptcy. Stronger churches get better rates.

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Steps to qualifying for a church loan.

Just follow the steps of our simple loan process to qualify for a church loan from Griffin Church Loans:

1. Complete our simple one-page application. Get it here
2. Send the application back to us either through email or fax it to us to (540) 548-1117
3. Send the Income and Expense statements and Balance Sheets for each of the prior three years. If you do not have financial statements, call us at (800) 710-6762 and we will send you free forms to help you create them.
4. Expect an answer from us in one business day. If you do not hear back from someone please call (800) 710-6762 to make sure we received the application.
5. We will provide you with a free, no cost, no obligation quote with the terms we can offer.
6. You sign the proposal and send it back into us and, thereafter, we get to work on the final approval and closing of your loan.
7. You close the loan and become another satisfied customer and tell your friends.
8. We also pay you a referral fee of 1/2% of the loan amount up to $10,000 for every church you refer to us.

Our process has been created to be as easy and quick as possible while delivering the best products available in the marketplace.

Finally, for your free, no obligation quote just complete our online application today

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