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Church Capital Funding Campaign

The decision to purchase, construct, or renovate a church building is usually part of a bigger overall plan. For most churches, this starts out with discussions around the needs of the church. The discussion is based on expected growth, required upkeep of the building and cost.  If the church decides that it is time to start planning, then many start church capital funding campaigns to pay for these associated costs.

Church Capital Funding Campaign

In a perfect world, these church capital funding campaigns would be a quick answer that would pay for the entirety of the church project. However, some of the projects are too big for a church to be able to raise all the funds within a reasonable period. For these churches, they decide to have their project or purchase financed with a church loan. Then, they continue running their church capital funding campaign until they can pay off their mortgage.

Griffin Church Loans helps these churches on a regular basis. Over the past 20 years, we have closed over $1.5 Billion in church loans. We offer a variety of church loan programs, so we have options for churches of all sizes. For churches with excellent credit and who meet the qualifications, we can provide 30-year fixed rate loans with no balloons. If 30-year fixed loans are too long for your church, we also offer 10, 15, 20- and 25-year fixed church loans.

Church Loans: Griffin Capital’s Stories

Here are some recent churches that we helped after they decided to expedite their projects through a church loan:

Farmers Branch, TX: This church was mid-construction when they decided to get a church loan. The new facility is a 27,000 square foot sanctuary that will seat 600 people. They had been running a church capital funding campaign for several years and wanted to finish their building.

Chicago, IL: This construction project started out as a renovation to a 50-year-old building. But engineers recommended demolition of their current building and the construction of a brand-new building in its place. The church began fundraising through their church capital funding campaign in 2015. They will continue to run their campaign until the loan is paid in full.

If you know of a church interested in learning more about our church loan programs, please call 800-710-6762 to speak to a loan officer.

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