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We receive requests from churches all over the country that need to find a church lender. Griffin Church Loans’s mission is to help as many churches as we can meet their financing needs. Our church loan experts understand the intricacies of church financing, so we make the process simple and quick.

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Church Lender for Purchase:

We close loans for church purchases of all types: first homes, growing churches, last minute opportunities, etc. A church in Tampa, FL found us when they had the opportunity to purchase the building they were leasing. They had not been there very long when the owner decided to sell the facility and gave them first right of refusal. We closed their loan, and the church is now settling into their first home.

Church Lender for Construction:

Another reason that churches need a church lender is for construction. This includes new construction and middle of construction projects. Whether it is an older church that needs a new building or a growing church that needs more space, we are there to help.  Our latest church construction loan closing was in Joliet, IL. The 36-year-old church had outgrown their home and decided that it was time to build. They found us, and we got the job done quickly so they could get started.

Church Lender for Refinances:

We offer a number of loan programs for churches including 30 year fixed loans with no balloons.  But, most lenders only offer church loans that need to be refinanced every five years. Church leaders face this task. Many discover that their current church lender will not renew their church loan at a competitive interest rate. This can cause their loan to balloon and a high-interest rate will take over.  This happened to a church in TN. Their lender would not renew their loan, and they were running out of time. Their members came together and loaned the church enough money to avoid the balloon. Then, they found us to refinance their loan to pay back the members.

Church Lender for Renovations:

There are a million reasons that churches need to renovate their facilities, and we are there for them. Whether the church is buying a building that needs renovation, or their current building needs updates (new HVAC, asphalt parking lots, replace roof, etc), or they want to build an addition. Many traditional banks are not church lenders and will not make these types of loans. One of our recent renovation loan closings was in Columbus, OH. The church wanted to increase seating in their sanctuary by renovating the building. They are doubling their seating and updating other areas. This will help bring in new members while keeping their current members happy.

If your church is looking for a church loan, give us a call at (800)710-6762We make the process easy, and we will have an answer for you in 24 business hours.

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