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Church Loan Financing

Fall is time to start planning church loan financing for next year. Griffin Church Loans makes the process of getting church loans easy.

The lazy days of summer are ending. There are school buses on the road and the nights are a little bit cooler. Soon fall will be in full swing and churches will be making their decisions, financial and otherwise, for next year. As you set your budgets and make financial decisions, it may be determined, that it is time for church loan financing.

Church Loan Financing Easy

Church Loan Financing Made Easy

There are many reasons that churches decide on church loan financing when planning their next fiscal year. They may be planning to purchase a new building. And, campaigns run by the church members are not growing quickly enough for the church timeline. They may be planning for a new roof or sound equipment. Furthermore, they may want to consolidate their debt and get a lower interest rate in the process. Whatever the reason, Griffin Church Loans makes the process of church loans easy.

Griffin Church Loans | Two Recent Cases

We closed a loan for a church in Lilburn, GA. The church came to us for church loan financing to purchase a new home. They had the opportunity to buy an old police station and there was no time for church run campaigns to collect enough money in time. We made this church loan easy for the congregation, which made the transaction successful. The church got a 5 year fixed rate of 4.05% amortized over 20 years.

Griffin Capital’s Successes 

We also just closed church loan financing in Winston Salem, NC. The church had their mortgage sold out from underneath them to another lender. The new lender was not interested in holding a church loan. As a result, this action forced them to accept a short-term mortgage at an interest rate of 7.5% while they found other church loan financing. They found us, and we made the church loan process easy locking them into a 4.67% interest rate for 5 years. The church will also save thousands.

No matter the reason for church loan financing, Griffin Church Loans is here to make getting your church loan easy.If your church is in doubt about whether church loan financing is the answer, give us a call.

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