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Small churches are the backbone of every town across the United States of America. They support their communities and give a place to worship to everyone. That said it is often the hardest for these churches to acquire funding to meet their needs. They often give up and never get the funds that they require to thrive. Church loans for small churches are near and dear to our hearts and it is part of our mission to help them grow and prosper.  Each year we make loans to many large churches borrowing many millions of dollars but we never forget that each of those churches started the same way; as a Pastor with a vision from God and a few members.

 It is very difficult for small churches to secure financing and they often give up before they find Griffin Church Loans.

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Griffin Church Loans has been closing loans for small churches and big churches for over 16 years. We understand the church loan criteria that apply specifically to these small congregations. Our loan analysts have the expertise to review financials and determine what a church can do today and what it needs to do to continue to grow.

Griffin’s Successes in Church Loans

We just closed a loan for a small church in Plainfield, IL. The church was purchasing their first sanctuary, and they found us. They had an opportunity to purchase an abandoned library building for $140,000 through an auction.  We worked closely with them throughout the process to make sure that they got their loan.

We also closed a loan for a small church in Charlotte, NC. They needed $103,200 to purchase a sanctuary. This church loan for a small church loan was interesting because the church was moving back to the town where they started. About 3 years ago, the congregation decided to move closer to the city. However, over time, they realized that they could best serve their community back in their original town. So, they were purchasing a building to move back home.

Griffin Church Loans has closed church loans for small churches and big churches all over the country. Every church has its own story and situation. If you are a small or large church that is either thinking about church financing or has been trying unsuccessfully to obtain a loan, then call us. We will make the process easy and explain all the church loan criteria to you to get your loan started.

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