Church Purchase Loans - Successes of Griffin Church Loans

Churches are the Foundation in Our Society

In an ever-changing society, churches have become more important than ever. We need to help every church that we can to refinance, purchase, renovate, and build. Church purchase loans, especially play a vital role.

We live in an ever-changing society, and it seems to be evolving faster and faster every day. Over the weekend, I took a drive without music, without electronics. As I looked out of the window, I realized there was one rock solid foundation found on almost every corner and turn that I passed… Churches.

church purchase loans

It was in this moment that I knew our job here at Griffin Church Loans was more important now than ever. We need to assist every church that we can grow and spread the good word. No church deserves to get lost in today’s world. We also need to help every church that we can to refinance, purchase, renovate, and build. Griffin Church Loans is the insurance that churches of today will be there for future generations.

Church Purchase Loans | Successes of Griffin Church Loans

This week we worked towards our goal by closing several church purchase loans. The churches were located all across the United States of America.

In Burlington, Massachusetts, we helped a 16-year-old church purchase three adjacent properties to use as their new home. The church was able to finance some extra money for some renovations. This church purchase loan allows the church to grow by owning their first facility and ends years of paying rent. The total financed was $1,425,000 at an interest rate of 4.95% fixed for 5 years.

In Plainfield, IL, we closed another church purchase loan. A younger church purchased a building to be their first home. Their new facility is move in ready so no extra financing needed for renovations. Their loan amount was $140,000. The church now owns their home. Finally, they have a permanent place of worship with plenty of space to grow.

The two church purchase loans that we just wrote about were at two different ends of the spectrum regarding financing, but both churches ended up with the same result. They now own their property and can build a stable future for their congregations. If your church is ready to purchase a home, then call us today. We help churches of all sizes, and we fund loans as small as $75,000. For more, contact us.

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