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Church Purchase Loans

The new year has started strong for churches purchasing new homes. We are finding that many churches are working toward the goal of ownership. Each church has its own reasons for wanting to own their sanctuary. Some of the most common we see are: Control of their destiny and not paying rent, taking advantage of affordable interest rates, building equity,  and finding a good deal. The biggest hurdle for a church that has decided to purchase a home, is the difficulty of qualifying for a loan. That is where Griffin Church Loans comes in.

Church Purchase Loan

When a church comes to us, it is our mission to place them in a better financial position than when they found us. We understand church financing, and we offer church purchase loans across the United States of America. Ultimately, this means that we probably have a loan that will fit the needs of your church. We have loan products that most lenders do not offer. This includes long term fixed rate loans for up to 30 years, with no balloon. We offer church purchase loans, refinance, renovation and construction.

Church Purchase Loans | Griffin’s Stories

We just closed 3 church purchase loans for churches that were buying the building that they were leasing. The churches wanted to own a building. They found that their perfect home was the one that they were already occupying.

In Texas City, TX., we closed a church purchase loan for a church that had been renting a facility for 5 years. They realized that it had everything that they needed including offices, classrooms, and a gym. The owner decided to sell the building, so we gave them a loan to buy it.

In Margate, FL, we closed a church purchase loan for a church that was tired of leasing. They decided that renting was not a good fit for their long-term financial goals. They wanted to secure a church purchase loan and start building equity for their congregation.

In Ypsilanti, MI, we also closed a church purchase loan for a church that had been renting their facility for the past 6 years. They had entered their lease with an option to buy. They decided to purchase the old elementary school, because it gave them all the room they needed to grow.

If your church has been renting/leasing and you are ready to buy a church building, then give Griffin Capital a call at 800-710-6762. We can help your church determine how much you can afford to borrow. We will make the process easy for your church.

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