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Church Renovation Lender

We are seeing a new financing trend from churches.  They are purchasing older buildings and renovating them to serve as their new home. This is the perfect time for churches to take on renovation projects before interest rates go up again.  The prediction is that interest rates will go up four times this year. Completing financing now will save the church thousands over the term of their loans. To bring their goals to life, they need a church renovation lender and Griffin Church Loans loves to do these loans.

The prediction is that interest rates will go up four times this year.

church renovation lender

Church Renovation Lender in Newport News, VA:

When this church needed a new home, they decided to preserve local history by renovating a building from the 1800’s. They purchased the historic church building and have been renovating it to bring it up to code. The stone building was originally completed in 1902 with Romanesque Revival architecture. The church came to us for the financing to complete the final phase of their renovations so they can move in.

Church Renovation Lender in Shelby, NC:

This growing church found a creative solution to solve their need for a new church. They purchased an old, abandoned school building for total renovation. They are starting in the gymnasium, and they will work through the rest of the building from there. We closed their loan, and we are excited for the church as this is their first home.

Church Renovation Lender in Apopka, FL:

We also closed a loan for a church that purchased an office building to renovate. The church was gutting the entire building to convert it into the worship space that they needed. We closed this loan with a 7 year fixed rate. This leaves the church plenty of time to finish their renovations and enjoy their home without worrying about their next refinance.

We are very busy with church renovation loans of all types. We cited complete renovations here, but many churches are seeking financing for repairs as well. Churches are seeking church renovation lenders to replace their roof, repave parking lots, replace heating and air systems, etc. If your church is looking for a church loan, give us a call at (800)710-6762.  We make the process easy, and we will have an answer for you in one business day.

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