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Mortgage Loans to Churches

Griffin Church Loans is the place to go for mortgage loans to churches. We have loan programs for churches of all sizes. We also have long-term fixed rate options as well. Furthermore, we are a nationwide company that specializes in church loans. We understand the intricacies of church budgets. Griffin Capital has successfully closed mortgage loans to churches for the past 19 years.

mortgage loans to churches

Churches everywhere have a very hard time finding lenders that make mortgage loans to churches.This statement holds true for churches of all sizes, ages, and regions. Churches often spend months with their local banks to hear“no”. As a result, their mortgage loan comes due or they lose a purchase opportunity. When they do hear “yes”, their loan option may not the best scenario for the church. It is our goal to put every church in a better financial position, so we fit the mortgage loan to the church.

Loan Closing | Griffin’s Stories

In Columbus, OH, we just closed a refinance for a church whose loan was about to balloon. Their lender waited months to let them know that yes, they would renew their mortgage loan.  However,  they would not lower their interest rate. Now they were running out of time with no other options. Luckily, they found us. We closed their loan and lowered their interest rate by 1.5%.

We also just closed a church mortgage loan in Colerain, NC. This church was located in a rural area. Therefore, they had only a handful of lenders in their town. This younger church needed the mortgage loan to purchase their first sanctuary.They were running out of time on their purchase contract and found us. We used our expertise to close their loan quickly.

If your church is ready to purchase a home or refinance a current mortgage loan, please give us a call at 800-710-6762. We have a quick and free qualification process. With no upfront fees, you have nothing to lose.

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