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Why Don’t Banks Like Church Loans?

Many people believe that only business organizations require loans. However, non-profit organizations and churches also use loans for many purposes such as purchasing real estate, renovating a property, or buying a van for the church.  Yet, church building loans aren’t as easily accessible as churches desire. Most banks and other financial institutions don’t like church … Read More

New Church Construction: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Started

Usually, everyone gets excited when it’s time to build a new church facility. However, knowing how to begin can be quite a dilemma. We often don’t know what to expect or the critical steps of the construction process. New church construction isn’t like every other building project; you need to take vital steps to help … Read More

What Are the Requirements for a Church Property Loan?

Constructing, repairing, or buying a Church building is a costly endeavor. That’s why many Church leaders resort to seeking property loans. These loans allow churches without the necessary finances to buy, build, and expand their property. However, churches must go through vetting processes. This is because lenders need assurance that the church can repay the … Read More

How to Make Your Very First Church Purchase

 Regardless of whether you’ve been mulling it over for a while or just came across the idea recently, making your first church purchase can be daunting.  Maybe you’d like to buy a church building because you want it to cater to a particular kind of worship in your area, or perhaps it’s because your current … Read More

Top 5 Things You Should Look for in a Church Mortgage Lender

In order to continue the mission of your church, you may be looking to find a larger space to accommodate the growth of your congregation. One of the first things to do in circumstances like these is to find a church mortgage lender.  However, the world of lending can be a confusing place. And when … Read More

What You Should Know About Church Loan Requirements

If you are looking to expand your ministry or provide renovations for your church, you will want to consider a church loan. Today, there are a number of financial institutions and lenders that offer church loans. Here’s a look at what you need to know about church loans and church loan requirements. Why Would a … Read More

Managing Church Finances | 7 Must-Know Tips

As a member of church leadership, you can often find yourself tasked with things you didn’t sign up for when you first birthed the idea of starting your place of worship. However, running a church is so much more than just preaching a few times a week and running worship groups. Perhaps one of the most … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Church Building Loans

If your church has decided to purchase a church building, construct a new building or remodel your existing church building, you’ve probably found yourself moving through the process at a snail’s pace unsure of what to do.  Worse, you do not know if what you are doing is going to result in the best outcome … Read More

Church Loan Funds – Expectation Versus Reality

Church Loan Funds Church repair, construction, and renovations are events that people look forward to completing. It brings the entire congregation together and spreads a festive feeling that fills the air with joy and spiritual blessings. However, while church construction is a matter of celebration, church loan funds and related serious issues do not bring … Read More

7 Church Construction Financing Tips You Need to Learn Now

Overview Church construction is always an exciting event, isn’t it? It fills the entire neighborhood and congregation with unexplained bliss. However, while the congregation rejoices in ecstasy, some uneasiness lurks beneath the happiness: concerns about church construction financing. Moreover, the transition from preparing for communion to filing for a church loan is quite nerving. The … Read More

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