Church Refinance Brings Us a New Church Loan Specialist

Church Refinance Brings Us a New Church Loan Specialist

Griffin Capital refinances a church loan and gains a new Church Loan Specialist in the process

This closing story is about a church and Pastor in Cincinnati, OH. The 88-year-old church came to us for a refinance and renovation loan. The church wanted to refinance and consolidate additional loans that it had. They also wanted to make some renovations to the building that has been their home for the past 39 years. In the end, we closed their loan, giving them a 10-year fixed loan with a 25-year amortization at 4.5% reducing their debt payments by over $150,000 per year.

refinance church loan specialist

During their loan process, the Pastor got to know Griffin Capital Funding, both the people and the company. He liked what he saw and believed in our mission, so he joined the Griffin Capital Funding Church Loan Specialist (CLS) team. Our CLS’s are all over the country working in their communities to help churches finance properties, consolidate debt, and reach their goals to build and renovate. Church loan specialists work hand in hand with our loan officers to give every church personalized service. Since the Pastor has joined our program, he has helped over 30 churches connect with Griffin Capital Funding. To learn more about the CLS program and join our team.

This closing is special to share because it really is a full circle story. We are proud to have helped the church while forming a long lasting relationship. This story encompasses the very essence of our personal service and the wonderful people that we help. We are especially happy to have a client join our nationwide sales team.

To learn more about our church loans for refinance, purchases, construction, and renovations, please visit Griffin Church Loans. Or, you can give us a call at 800-710-6762. If you are interested in our Church Loan Specialist program, then please fill out our short form  here.

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    Please email me at with your phone number, and I will have someone contact you. Thank you.

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