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Special Church Loan Closing Story

special closing storyAs 2017 begins, we took some time to reflect upon 2016 at Griffin Church Loans. As a result, we wanted to share a special closing story for a church in Venice, FL.  This closing became a true team effort between all involved.

Griffin’s Special Closing Story

The church came to us ready for a new home to house their growing congregation. They intended to purchase a building and had prequalified for their loan. The church later decided that it would be a better solution for them to purchase land and build on it. They purchased the land for their building and paid cash for the transaction. This purchase exhausted all the money that had been raised and saved for their new building.

Tough Loan to Close

This loan was tough because the church originally prequalified for a lower amount for a building purchase and that was when they had money in the bank. The upcoming construction project increased their needed loan amount by more than three times their original prequalification amount. As a result, the loan was much more difficult than originally anticipated, but our Senior Vice President Scott Obenhein felt like this was a fight he could win with underwriting. The church trusted Scott and with expertise, prayer, and perseverance from all involved, including the contractors, we were able to close the loan for the church.

This closing was a remarkable blessing for the church and deserved celebration in their community. They held a groundbreaking ceremony which was attended by their mayor. The project was also featured in their local newspaper. We feel blessed to have been part of this project and are excited to see the completed building.

Special Closing Story | Pastor’s Thought

We also wanted to share the Pastor’s thoughts about his loan process: “Building a new church facility was my first endeavor and experience as a pastor.  I am so appreciative that your company was recommended to me.  As you know, obtaining a loan for an independent, interdenominational church with no major organizational guarantee would take a miracle to secure…”

You were always very encouraging and professional during the process, and I appreciate everything you did to help us build God’s Kingdom.  Griffin Church Loans sees beyond the facts and figures the business world calculates and considers their work of obtaining a loan for a church as a ministry.  That spoke volumes to me, and I recommend Scott Obenhein and Griffin Church Loans to any church group with “a mind to build”.

Griffin Church Loans | Your Choice for Church Funding

If your church needs funding a construction project or is just looking for a loan to refinance, construct or purchase a property, give one of our loan officers a call at 800.710.6762.

We look forward to helping you in 2017!

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